Friday, October 14, 2022

High Five for Friday (10.14.22)


I love that our soccer club maintains a strong partnership with the Aggie Women's Soccer Program. Last Thursday night was Cavalry Night at Ellis Field (where the Aggies play), and while Will and his friends were a little too old to walk out with the Aggie players and high five the women when they ran back onto the field after halftime, they did have a great time showing their support. I couldn't attend the game, but a friend snapped a picture of Will and friends on the big screen.

Will is wearing a red jersey and
sitting down next to the kid in green.


Tom had two work trips - Friday through Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday - this last week, and I couldn't have covered all of my responsibilities and gotten both kids everywhere they needed to go without the help of friends. Sometimes it truly takes a village. (Thanks for your help, Jenn and Joy!)

Looking for her daddy. (Or is he her boyfriend?
We can't quite figure out Plié's passionate adoration
of Tom...) She missed him while he was gone.


Oh, how I love long weekends. The kids didn't have school last Friday or Monday, and it was glorious. Our afternoons went as they usually do (the kids still had dance and soccer), but we were able to sleep in both mornings, on Friday the kids and I went to brunch, and on Monday Hallie and I went shopping while Will played disc golf with a friend. I know it won't happen during my kids' tenure as middle and high school students, but I desperately wish we could have four-day school weeks...


Another Six Kittens Rescue kitten has found a home with friends of ours!

Meet Hazel! (With her big sister, Callie,
who has been a friend of Hallie's for years.)


Will's first official orchestra concert of the year was held on Tuesday night, and it went beautifully. (No videos this time - some of the songs were the same as the Ice Cream Social performance a couple of weeks ago, so this time I just listened. No pictures this time either - Will is not a fan of having his picture taken on stage so I agreed not to share the photos I took.) We were also able to return to our tradition of dining at IHOP post-concert, though we cut it pretty close - arriving at 9:35pm after soccer practice (which was after the concert) ahead of IHOP closing at 10pm!

Happy weekend, friends!

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