Friday, June 3, 2022

High Five for Friday (6.3.22)


We survived recital weekend! Between Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening, Hallie danced in four recitals (ballet in two, contemporary and jazz in one, hip hop, tap, and jazz in one) and worked one recital...and it was A LOT. She danced beautifully though, and did a wonderful job leading her little students.

Hallie gave Bourree a kiss when she got
home from night one of recitals - can you tell?

Meanwhile, Will guest played with another soccer team for a tournament in Houston. We like to make sure that when one kid has a busy weekend, the other kid has an equally busy weekend so both parents have equally scattered, chaotic, and exhausting weekends. (I'm kidding, of course.)

Love this pic of Will Will's hair.


My parents' have been trying for a "normal" visit since January, and we finally got one. (COVID sent my mom home early and had my dad cancelling his flight last minute back in early February, and a family illness/death sent my dad home early when they were here in April.) Lots of dance, lots of soccer, and very little sleep, and a few colds, but no actual catastrophes!

Gin & Rummy


On their way out, my parents took all of my garage sale stuff with them. They were on their way to my aunt's house to help with her garage sale, and they agreed to take with them and attempt to sell my "treasures". Bless their hearts, and hallelujah for clearing out the house and a few shelves in the garage!


There really are no words to express how much I love these pictures of Hallie, taken by the always amazing Shannon Morton.

And of course, these three, who just wrapped up their 10th full year of friendship. They literally don't remember life without one another. 

After Kara left (it was her dad's birthday so she had to book it out of there, and she had already done her individual photo shoot), these two came out in their black leos, black skirts, and pointe shoes and we had to capture them together as well.

This one is the best. We call it, "Crazy Eyes" (zoom in), and it perfectly sums up their friendship. Pretty sure Shannon put it in our gallery as a joke and was surprised when we couldn't leave our ordering session without it. 

If you live in Bryan-College Station and need a photographer (infants, kids, seniors, families, corporate, and DANCERS), Shannon Morton is the absolute best.


We had one official day off after finals week and graduation/dress rehearsal/soccer tournament/Memorial Day weekend, and then we hit the ground running with Hallie's first summer dance session and summer school. (She's taking the one class offered between seventh and eighth grade - Cyber Citizenship - so she won't have to take it during the school year and will therefore have room for the electives she wants.) Will had a slightly more relaxing week, which he desperately needed and deserved, but kicks off a three-day soccer tournament tonight. Despite these activities on our calendar, the pace of life already feels slower and for that I'm grateful.

Academy for shoes, McDonald's for slushies, and a
trip through the car wash - it was the best afternoon.


Happiness Highlights

These five and their teacher, Ms. Mariah, had a really special year
together. They went through a lot of emotional growth, along with lots
of tears and lots of laughter. Kind of hard to believe it's come to an end.

My parents, circa...many years ago.

Adagio helping unload the dishwasher.

Plie watching Grey's Anatomy from my back
while I alternate between planking and stretching.

Plie helping Tom get ready for his trip.

Riding shotgun with my boy.

Tom's trip took him to Seattle for a conference. His sister,
Jenna, met him there so they could hang out (and ahead of
the next leg of their trip). She was quite literally the coolest
person in the hotel full of engineers, to the point that they
were all talking about her presence. 😂

After the conference, Tom and Jenna drove to
Vancouver to see their brother, SIL, Forest, and River.

"yay" - it's summertime!

The obligatory "jumping into summer" pic.

Tracking a fly.

Still tracking.

They were SO cute, but they never caught the fly.
It's probably still caught in the blinds in the office.

Happy weekend, friends!

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