Friday, February 25, 2022

High Five for Friday (2.25.22)



Last Thursday night Will performed in his first orchestra concert of the semester. Sadly I had to miss this concert, but both Tom and Will said it went well and I'm grateful Tom took both photos and videos so I could enjoy Will's pieces later that evening.  

Tom said he was listening to the tuning pitch...Will said he
was looking for Tom. (The teacher gives parents a minute before
the concert starts to come up to the stage and take pictures.)


Why did I miss Will's orchestra concert, you ask? Because Hallie and I had tickets to RENT! (I bought these tickets months ago, long before Will's orchestra concert was added to the calendar.) 

I spent the last three months preparing Hallie for this show - the show centers around adult themes and both the storylines and character webs are complicated - and when Thursday night arrived, she was more than ready...and she LOVED every minute of it. 

The last musical I saw here in College Station was Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. It's one of my favorite shows, and the traveling production that stopped here was - I hate to say it - awful. So my expectations for RENT...well, they weren't high. I had high hopes, but low expectations. Thankfully, this production far exceeded my hopes and expectations - it was the best I've seen in at least four viewings of RENT throughout the last 25 years.


Following our busy Thursday evening, we enjoyed a nice LONG weekend - our district calendar gave us both Friday and Monday off from school. We still had dance on Friday night and Saturday afternoon and soccer on Sunday and Monday afternoons, but overall we weren't terribly busy...which left time for driving practice, a track meet (both Will and I love to attend other sporting events, especially when we know kids competing), art projects, video games, and recreating a rain forest in Mandi's classroom.


On Saturday afternoon, Hallie took her first ever pointe class. She was beyond excited, even though this first class was something of an introduction for the girls - they just learned how to sew the elastics and ribbons on their shoes. I can't wait to watch this next adventure unfold for her... 


Happiness Highlights

Kaylee and Tux
Thanks, Facebook, for the memories.

Molly likes the Hallmark Channel.

Bill prefers The Mentalist.

I mean...look at that stud.

This shirt makes me very happy. I want one.

First ever CFA frozen lemonade. What
a surprise and delight for the tastebuds!

Happy weekend, friends!

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