Friday, February 18, 2022

High Five for Friday (2.18.22)


February's AMCHS flower subscription arrived a little earlier than usual this month, just in time for Valentine's Day, and the arrangement is gorgeous. I love having fresh flowers in my kitchen, and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to support the high school and its students this way.

Look at that adorable vase!


Last Friday night, my besties Mandi and Jenn came to watch Will's high school soccer game. I highly recommend finding yourself friends like these two, who - among other great characteristics - love and support your kiddos so authentically.


We don't go out or go big for Valentine's Day. We do, however, have a fun treasure hunt tradition. (Which the kids still love, even though they're old and sometimes kind of teenager-y about this kind of thing.) I buy the kids a couple of small gifts and create a photo book from the previous year for Tom, hide all of these gifts, and then set up a treasure hunt throughout the house and yard leading to their location. 

Hallie took off (straight from dance, still
wearing a mask and a new dance costume.

Will followed behind a little more leisurely, and Tom
stood in the living room and ate his unfinished lunch. 😂

My favorite pages of Tom's photo book:
1. Pics of Will sleeping with kittens.

2. Pics of all of us with Tux.

3. A flower pic I took. (I always put one
of my flower pictures on the back cover.)

We also usually indulge in a few fun snacks and/or desserts; this year we went with a charcuterie board (made by a woman from our dance studio) and Valentine's Day cookies (made by a friend from the kids' elementary school - you can find her at Wren Bird Bakery). Delicious!


SNOW!!! Like actual snow, and it fell for almost 10 full minutes. This girl nearly cried, she was so delighted.

Will was less excited. (Maybe because he was dressed for that morning's temperature, which was 55 degrees. Texas weather is weird, y'all.) This was as far out of the house as he was willing to venture, so this is how I took a picture of them together.

Proof, in Will's hair.


Happiness Highlights

My parents, rocking their Tigers gear and cheering for
Will (from afar) ahead of last Friday night's soccer game. 

Will's first high school assist!!!

The new varsity banner is up, and it's awesome!

Also, you're apparently not allowed to smile
in sports photos if you're a high school boy. 

In keeping with the soccer theme, this photo popped up in my
memories from (?) years ago. These boys have come a long way.
(Will is the tiny one wearing a black hat in the front row.)  

Loving this pic of my parents and niece,
Lily, after her most recent dance showcase...

...but loving this pic of Lily and fam even more.
Could Carter BE any more excited about dance? 

Happy weekend, friends!

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