Tuesday, February 8, 2022

En Pointe

Our dance studio invites dancers who it deems ready to start pointe to do so at the end of January/beginning of February each year. Two years ago, one of Hallie's besties, Kara, was invited to begin. Hallie was THRILLED for Kara; I remember that when Kara told Hallie her news, Hallie cried actual tears of joy, marveling at how that had never happened to her before and that she truly didn't feel jealous at all because she knew Kara deserved it and she herself wasn't yet ready.

Last year, the pointe announcement played out a little differently. Hallie believed she was ready, so when her other bestie, Avery, was invited and Hallie wasn't, she was happy and even excited for Avery, but crushed and heartbroken for herself.

But she picked herself up, brushed off the dust, and kept working.  

Fast forward a FULL year... This year, her turn - her time - finally came. 

Hallie and Avery went with Kara to her first pointe shoe fitting. Then Hallie and Kara went with Avery to her first pointe shoe fitting. 

And now, Avery and Kara showed up for Hallie, coming to her first pointe shoe fitting. Saturday was everything she dreamed it would be. And what could be better than sharing it with your best friends.

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