Friday, February 11, 2022

High Five for Friday (2.11.22)



Well, it didn't actually snow, but freezing rain closed down our schools last Thursday. We slept in, I went for a walk before the temperature dropped, I attended a Zoom PTO meeting, Hallie and I sterilized the master bedroom and bathroom where she'd been quarantined, Will played Minecraft, both kids and I watched a movie, Hallie and I made chili, I made Irish soda bread, Hallie made blueberry muffins, I did 100 loads of laundry, and we all enjoyed not having anywhere we had to go on a weeknight.



Below-freezing temperatures (because we have no way to melt accumulated ice on the roads) kept us home from school on Friday as well. We again slept in, I again went for a walk, and then I attended a Zoom Ballet Brazos meeting, Hallie and I baked brownies, I picked up a (very sparsely filled, thanks to panic shoppers) grocery order, and we prepped for Hallie's evening dance performance. 

I LOVE snow days. But I'd love them even more if they actually included snow.


Night of Worship has always been one of my favorite dance events, and while I was less than enthused going into it this year (two changes of venue, plus an initial conflict with Will's soccer game, plus questions about whether or not it would happen due to weather took some of the fun out of it for me), the evening was still lovely. Hallie somewhat missed out on this performance last year - she had a broken foot and "danced" in only a couple of pieces in her boot - so it was lovely for her to be fully a part of the performance this year.


On Saturday we had a 9:45am Zoom dance recital meeting, an 12pm ballet company photo shoot, and a 3pm pointe shoe fitting. We also had a 9:45am college showcase soccer game in Houston, a 4pm high school soccer game in Bryan, and then...wait for it...another college showcase soccer game BACK in Houston at 8pm. Divide and conquer is the name of our game, and Tom and I played a couple of good halves on Saturday. 

I'm grateful to have Tom as my copilot as we support our kids doing what they love. I'm grateful for what turned out to be an amazing late night in the car with Will. And I'm grateful for that busy Saturday...especially because we knew we had Sunday to rest and recuperate, especially because of our recent COVID experience, and especially because (at the risk of sounding sentimentally sappy) I know my time as a hands-on, day-to-day, in-the-trenches mom to these two tween/teenagers is finite. 


This week was Dad & Daughter Week at Dance, and Tom made it out alive. Because I didn't get any pictures of either of them in contemporary, tap, jazz, or hip hop (no dads in ballet or company rehearsals), I'm sharing a video from this week three years ago. It's funny how dance with Hallie is more Tom's jam than mine, and how soccer with Will is much more my thing than Tom's...


Happiness Highlights 

Bill and Molly are doing so well with my parents.
Here they're letting my dad hang out with them in
the basement while they eat their dinner.

Her last night of masking
brought about a bit of delirium. 

Some moments need to be documented. 

First time through a drive-thru. And he paid!

Olympics, anyone? I love them Olympics - winter and
summer - and I keep the broadcast on from morning 'til night. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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