Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Monthly Medley: December 2021


When it comes to writing and reading...I've been doing both, quite a bit, but I have nothing (at least nothing that's completely finished) to show for all the time I've spent in front of my computer or with my nose in a book. My brain is just working on too many different articles and blog posts and magazines and books at the same time right now! 


In addition to enjoying our holiday favorites (Home Alone, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, The Grinch, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, and Elf), combinations of us also watched the new Home Alone remake called Home Sweet Home Alone, and The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star. (The Princess Switch movies, while somewhat cheesy, are fun and entertaining.) I wish we would have had time for others - The Santa Clause, A Christmas Story, A Muppet Christmas Carol, Christmas with the Kranks, Fred Claus, Four Christmases, and It's a Wonderful Life - but there just isn't enough time to watch all of the Christmas movies every year. Hallie and I did, however, fit in every Christmas episode of Friends. 😉

Outside of holiday viewing, Hallie and I watched and adored Encanto, and Tom, Will, and I - sans Hallie - started Only Murders in the Building. I knew from the previews and what I'd read about the show that I'd love it, and so far every thing about this true crime dramady has been right up my alley.

Listening To

I've been catching up on a few of my regular podcasts, but I also finally started listening to a podcast that I've had in my library for ages: Feeding the Mouth that Bites You, about "parenting teens and launching them into the world". I wish I would have started listening a couple of years ago, when Will was Hallie's age, but I've still learned quite a bit about parenting teens that I can retroactively apply to Will and even more that I can apply in the future to both kids. I'm looking forward to reading Dr. Ken Wilgus' book by the same name!


If you or someone you love likes ballet even a little bit, check out Kathryn Morgan (@kathryn_morgan). I've mentioned her a couple of times throughout the last month as she performed the role of Sugar Plum Fairy in our production of The Nutcracker, and I started following her shortly after we knew she was coming. Her page revolves around her ultimate goal of making ballet "more joyful and accessible", and I adore following someone who cares about the whole dancer, from their productivity in the studio and success on the stage to their physical, mental, and emotional health.

Kathryn Morgan also curates a lovely ballet subscription box called Kathryn Morgan Haul. These three LOVED their winter boxes!


We bought a new refrigerator right before Christmas. I felt like I needed more drawer space than the refrigerator offered (my previous refrigerator had three, while this one only has two), so I picked up this set of refrigerator/freezer bins; two of the large bins next to one another work really well as a third drawer.

I bought one of these sports towels for Will when two-a-day soccer practices started and he had to shower at school. They take up hardly any space and dry quickly, and Will liked his enough that I bought one for Tom to take to the gym as well. (I bought Will the medium and Tom the large.)

We bought this gaming chair for Will for Christmas, and after using it for a couple of weeks, he gives it two thumbs up.

If you live in the BCS area, I highly recommend Pitt Stop Detailing & Auto Sales for all your car detailing needs!

While we're talking cars, I've thus far been enjoying my Echo Auto. I had a little trouble setting it up because the holder/stand isn't compatible with my air vents, but once I came up with an alternative way to attach the device to the dashboard, "she" and I were off and running.

Last but not least, this is the projector and screen Santa brought our kids. So far we've been really happy with it!


Nothing new to report here...if anything, I'm clearing out clothes rather than bringing them in. I have, however, ordered a couple of new pairs of boots. They haven't arrived yet, but I'll report in next month if they're keepers!


We made only our favorites this holiday season - lots of comfort foods like spaghetti, chili, soups, and macaroni and cheese, plus a cheesecake, a few pies, and many batches of banana bread, cookies, and cupcakes. Here's to trying new, healthy, and easy recipes in 2022!

Feeling Good About 

I wasn't thrilled with Time Magazine's choice for Person of the Year, but I love the people CNN chose for their Top 10 CNN Heroes for 2021. 

David DeWeil, a University of South Carolina professor, jokingly asked on Twitter, "Oh you love your mom? Name three of her albums." The responses are clever, hysterical, or both, and really showcase our - as moms - best work. 

This simple, sweet, and entirely ridiculous thread made me feel about humanity the best I've felt in a long time. I both laughed and cried my way through it, and have it saved in case any young children in my life every have similar concerns about reindeer health.

Hope you and yours have had a wonderful start to 2022!

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