Friday, January 28, 2022

High Five for Friday (1.28.22)



Late last week we celebrated the birthday of one of my best friends, Mandi. Except we didn't get to celebrate her the way we wanted (yet), and had to settle for showering her with a few treats throughout the day. Party to come...

Her pick this year: black forest cake.


Will's high school offers both a regular and an advanced floral design class. Will will of course never take either of these classes, but last fall I heard from a friend that I could purchase a subscription to each month bring home one of the bouquets the advanced class students make. I actually gifted both my November and December bouquets to friends (and forgot to take photos of the bouquets before doing so), but this month kept the bouquet and actually remembered to capture its beauty. Gorgeous, right?!

I absolutely love supporting the school and the floral design program in this way!


My mom made a (somewhat) last-minute trip to Texas this week! She needed to pass through Arkansas to visit an ailing family member, and it worked out well for her to continue on to College Station for a few days. Such a fun (somewhat) surprise!

The other reason my mom came to Texas was to pick up her and my dad's new babies...that's right, friends - they adopted Bill and Molly!!! Just typing that brings tears to my eyes. I wanted so badly for these two kittens to go together - they just need one another - and when my mom texted to ask if they were still available, I suddenly realized how perfectly my parents, Bill, and Molly could all come together. All four Ferri are thrilled we'll be able to visit Bill and Molly for years to come, and I feel - as I always do when our babies are placed with their forever families - inspired to continue on this fostering journey. 


On Monday, Hallie danced as "Pond" in Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra's Peter and the Wolf Children's Concerts. Hallie has wanted to participate in this annual partnership between the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra and Ballet Brazos for years, but this was the first time she was old/skilled enough to be cast. The weekend leading up to the show and the show itself were a bit crazy, but we pulled it off, Hallie had a great time, and I learned a lot about stage make-up. 😉

Thanks to Ballet Brazos and the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra for this fun opportunity!


They haven't eaten breakfast together at the counter since the second week in March two full years ago. 

When in-person school ended in March 2020, breakfast at the counter at 7am was replaced by breakfast wherever and whenever. When school started in fall 2020, Will went to school early for sports and Hallie ate breakfast while she attended school virtually. And when school started in fall 2021, Will quickly got into the habit of rolling out of bed just a few minutes before he needed to to head out the door, leaving Hallie to eat breakfast at the counter alone. Throughout the fall she mentioned multiple times how much she missed having breakfast with Will. 

One day early last week (I'm a little late to the game in sharing this high five) Will was somehow ready(ish) early, and he said he wouldn't mind a little breakfast before school. I quickly grabbed him a muffin, a hardboiled egg, and half of a banana and plopped it down at his spot, and when he sat down the sweetest smile spread across Hallie's face. And mine. 

Happy weekend, friends!

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