Friday, January 14, 2022

High Five for Friday (1.14.22)


Thank you for all of your online and in person love - for Tux and for us - following Tux's passing and last week's tribute post. We miss him terribly but we're staying busy and sharing all of our love with our foster babies. 

Since this photo was taken, Annie (in the back) has gone to her forever home. We're still working on a forever home for Bill and Molly, hopefully together!


Speaking of Tux...he's home. 


Will and Hallie went back to school last Wednesday. While not at all happy about having to get up early again, both kids were looking forward to finding this semester's rhythm. Hallie couldn't wait to start theatre, and Will was excited about soccer, which continued over break but really hit the ground running last Monday.


Speaking of soccer, the Lads (which is what I'll call Will's high school soccer team from this point forward, as that's how their South African coach refers to them) played in their first tournament last weekend. They're a 5A team and this was a 6A tournament, so we went in expecting to face incredibly tough competition and I, admittedly, went in expecting them to lose all three games. We were pleasantly surprised when the Lads dominated their first game and walked away with the win, and while they lost their second game, they played 76 of 80 minutes to a 1-1 tie and only fell behind at the every end. Unfortunately their third game was cancelled due to a tornado in the area...this was particularly frustrating for me because Hallie came with us (we drove 75 minutes to the game and waited around for 30 minutes before the game was actually cancelled) and this was likely the only game she would have gotten to see all year. (Game #1 - sweaty hot. Taking off layers down to my tank top. Game #2 - freezing cold. Adding layers, wearing my winter coat, and using hand warmers. Game #3 - tornado. That's a good old Texas winter for you...)

All that said, Will had a great time on this - his first - overnight trip with his team and without his parents, and I loved watching him play the two games that survived Mother Nature's weather whims. 

This is the only picture I took. 😂

But someone else took and shared this one!


It's early in the process, but this kid is doing a great job behind the wheel. In our first official lesson, he safely navigated (in VERY quiet neighborhoods after practicing in parking lots) both a runaway dog and children on bikes, which I consider a win.


A bonus high kids are boosted! I forgot both times (I had to take them separately) to take photos of them flexing their bandaided arms, but the shots made it into their arms regardless.  

Happy weekend, friends!

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