Friday, March 12, 2021

High Five for Friday (3.12.21)

Spring break starts today. Hallelujah. It doesn't seem like we should be as tired or as burned out as we are, given that we had a week "off" in February, but as it turns out, simply not attending school doesn't actually translate to feeling well rested and mentally ready to learn if during that time you're worried, anxious, frustrated, and FREEZING. We all really need this break, and I'm so grateful it has arrived.

I spent a couple of hours last week participating in a focus group related to our school district's new strategic plan. I truly appreciate the opportunity to be involved in this kind of activity, both because I like learning about how school districts - ours in particular - work and because I want our school district to be the absolute best it can be for EVERY student, regardless of where they come from and where life takes them when they graduate high school. 

Special note with regard to our school district. Thankfully, our superintendent - with whom I have, admittedly, disagreed multiple times during the pandemic - listened to SCIENCE instead of our governor and decided to continue requiring masks on all campuses. I quite literally praised the Lord when I heard this news, as well as the news that many other businesses and organizations in our area will do the same. 

Last Thursday we said goodbye to Crocs, Birks, Nike, and Reebok, and then on Friday, Crocs returned and brought with him brother Timberland. We miss Crazy Pants and the girls, but it's been delightful having another new kitten (#20!!!) around...and getting to "relax" a little with only two low maintenance babies - instead of four - to care for.

Sweet Nike. She wasn't my favorite at
first, but she really grew on me over time.

Crocs, Birks, and Reebok a day or two before they headed
home. I wish I could rub my face in Birks' fur just one more time.

Crocs settled back in almost immediately after his trip
to the vet and night away. He is the snuggliest of kittens.

Meet Timberland! (AKA Timmy)

He's the old man (behaviorally) of the litter. He
also has soft fur (like his bro, Birks), crazy eyes
(like his bro, Birks), and killer claws. We're
working on turning him into a snuggler!

Dead to the world.

Last Friday I ate "in" (on the wide open patio of) a restaurant for the first time in a full year. We've done curbside, drive-thru, and delivery, of course, but I haven't purchased sustenance from and eaten said sustenance on the premises of a restaurant since March 9, 2020. I have no plans to eat indoors at a restaurant anytime soon (though did you hear? COVID is over according to our governor), but I feel like I could probably dine alfresco again, as long as the patio or outdoor space isn't too crowded. 

Happy belated birthday, Jenn!

Happiness Highlights
On Friday afternoon the four Ferri went to the park together. The
boys played disc golf while Hallie and I walked a couple of miles
and then relaxed in the sun. We had to head home sooner than we
would have liked for two Zoom meetings, but the outing was the
perfect way to wrap up our work week.

Hallie and I went on a walk - in the city - and stumbled upon
a cow pasture. Not what we expected but a pleasant surprise!

My mom sent us a new game - a four-person
version of Shut Box - and seven minutes after
I unpacked the game Tux had claimed it for
himself. "If I fits, I sits."

Look at this beautiful rainforest my friend Jenn and
I created in our friend Mandi's pre-k classroom!

Morning snuggles with Timmy.

Think they're related much? #crazyeyes

I found this on my grocery list on the side of the refrigerator.
The first half was written by Hallie, the second half by Tom.

Happy weekend, friends!

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