Friday, November 20, 2020

High Five for Friday (11.20.20)

As of later this afternoon, all four of us are on a nine-day Thanksgiving break. Hallie has dance on Monday; Will has optional soccer practices on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; and both Tom and I have some work we need to fit in, but other than that, much-needed relaxation lies ahead.

Because of COVID, we aren't traveling for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. We will miss our families tremendously - we haven't seen Tom's since late December and mine since early January - but we have high hopes for quality time together and perhaps a few new experiences/traditions.

Happy Thanksgiving Break, friends!

Though we love all of our extracurricular activities, there's something special about an occasional and unexpected night off. Will's Wednesday night soccer practices were cancelled last week and this week, and while we wouldn't wish for this schedule on a regular basis, the ever-so-slightly earlier evening (everyone home and able to eat dinner at 8:45pm instead of 9:35pm) was a treat!

Somewhat against his will, Will auditioned for Region Orchestra. (He didn't audition in fifth, sixth, or seventh grade, and when his orchestra teacher found out he once again didn't plan to audition, she signed him up and told him he would he did.) The results came in this week, and he earned fifth chair cello! His response - unsurprisingly - was, "I could have done better", but I was excited for him and the progress he's made as a cellist this year. 

My Christmas cards are DONE. I decided to hold off on mailing them until some point next week, but they're signed, sealed...and waiting to be delivered. 

Happiness Highlights
Hallie had to do a music research project on a favorite band
of mine. I picked The Chicks, and her project was awesome.

Having three kittens at once is exactly as
crazy as you might imagine it to be. Frequently
it feels like there are kittens everywhere.

It's funny how often they all three
flock to the same person at the same time. 

My friend Anne dropped off miniature charcuterie "boards"
and wine bottles ahead of a virtual party she hosted. SUCH a
fun idea, and one I'll remember for future virtual gatherings!

When you show up at dance wearing the EXACT
same outfit as your bestie...I guess it makes sense that our
bestie daughters always end up dressed the same as well.

This toy was for the kittens, but Tux claimed it. He does
NOT like RBG and does NOT want to share this toy. 😂

Yep, we finally put a television on our porch!
I haven't turned it on yet, but it's nice to know
it's there for future football game watching. 

She's teaching Bader (in her lap) and Ginsberg
how to play Dos. They don't quite get it yet.

Happy weekend, friends!

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