Friday, November 13, 2020

High Five for Friday (11.13.20)


Tux has been such a good buddy these last few weeks: putting up with kittens, and more kittens, and more kittens, and then letting us dress him up in a Halloween costume and participating in the Halloween night candy sort. I forgot to include these pictures in my Halloween recap, so I decided to post them here along with a shout out for our #1 kitty.

Tensely waiting staring at the door
as trick-or-treaters began to arrive.

He did NOT want to be a dinosaur.

He did, however, want to ride in Will's
pumpkin tote after the candy had been dumped.

Speaking of kittens and kitties... look who joined our family late last week! 

When these three were born a few weeks ago, I knew immediately that I wanted them in our home as fosters. Somehow I felt like taking care of Ruth, Bader, and Ginsberg - yes, they are named in honor and memory of the RBG, as they came into this world just after their namesake left it - was my way of paying tribute to the OG, who I admired tremendously. (I know, I know - that logic makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.) They are all delightfully sweet and cuddly, which was a nice change from Dorothy, who wasn't much of a cuddler, and Ruby, who took a LONG time to warm up to us. 

Ruth, Bader, and Ginsberg are available for adoption, so if you're interested in bringing one, two, or all three of them home with you, let me know!

A special thanks to Will's friend, Andreas, who took the AMAZING photos below. Check out his website here.



As is my tradition, on November 1st I took down all of my Halloween decorations and put out my fall decor. These pumpkins, pillows, and candles don't see nearly as much "action" as my festive Halloween jack-o-lanterns or wooden Christmas trees or painted Easter eggs, but gosh darn it, they deserve their three weeks! 

In our house Fall goes up on November 1st and Christmas goes up on November 22nd, which is my birthday. All I ever really ask of Tom and the kids for my birthday is for everyone to joyfully and cooperatively help me put up and decorate the Christmas tree while drinking hot chocolate and listening to the new Christmas album Tom gifts me every year. Most years my birthday wish comes true.

We continue with virtual schooling, wrapping up today our first week of the final six week session of the semester. I can hardly wrap my head around how far we've come - there were points, especially in those first few weeks - when I wasn't sure if we'd make it. I'm so proud of the kids for adapting to their new normal, putting in the work, making excellent grades, and continuously finding the silver linings in this mess of a year. 

Part of that new normal has included virtual performances, and two weeks ago (accidentally missed writing about this high five last week) we were able to enjoy two: Will's fall orchestra concert and Hallie's bestie Avery's improv show. It felt strange to watch these performances huddled around the computer instead of crammed into an auditorium, but the fact that we were able to watch these kids perform at all brought me a great deal of comfort and joy.

Will and Hallie's only complaint was that we didn't get to get to eat our traditional late-night breakfast for dinner at IHOP after Will's concert. I promised a make-up trip to IHOP just as soon as our family is eating inside restaurants again.

Hallie and I spent four hours last Sunday morning talking and laughing and relaxing and eating and drinking (add playing and running wild to that list if your name is Hallie) at Nonny's and Papa's house. Nonny and Papa's real names are Brenda and Berry, and they're parents to my friend Mandi and grandparents to Will and Hallie's friends' Kaylee and Kara. We've gotten to know them - especially Nonny - fairly well since first meeting them more than eight years ago, and they have graciously welcomed us both into their lives. Oh, and they let kids who aren't actually their grandchildren come over for playdates and call them by their grandparent names.  

Side note #1: Will and Hallie have always called Brenda "Nonny", but after Kaylee became Will's girlfriend, he wondered aloud to me if he should start calling her "Mrs. Nonny". 

Side note #2: Will and Hallie call Tom's sister "AJ", which stands for Aunt Jenna. When two-year-old Lily, my sister's daughter, came to Jenna's wedding, she started calling Jenna AJ - even though AJ is not her aunt - and still calls her that today. 

I love both of these side notes so much.

So on Sunday, Mandi and her girls, Jenn and her girl, and me and my girl, road tripped to Nonny's house for the best morning of just "being". That time together was so needed and so appreciated.

Oh, and my girl learned how to drive, so there's that too. Watch out, world - she's coming for you from behind the wheel of a wagon-towing lawn mower with the blades shut off. 😂

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