Friday, July 31, 2020

High Five for Friday (7.31.20)

Last week Blogger - the platform I use for Chasing Roots - transitioned to a completely new look (on the backend, so just for me), and while I knew this change was coming eventually, it still caught me off guard and forced me to spend a little extra time at my computer trying to figure out how everything works. 

I can't say that I have it all worked out just yet, and I have one BIG pet peeve with how posts are sorted and labeled while in the draft phase, but I've figured out the most important pieces of the system (how to write and publish a post) and managed to get this one up on time!

On Monday I officially closed my 2019-2020 planner and opened my 2020-2021 planner. I also started adding events and activities to my Google calendar for the first time since the second week in March. Transitioning to a new planner - and using my online calendar system again - feels a little can something feel so basic and significant, so scary and comforting, at the same time? 

My new planner is gorgeous though, so it makes me smile every time I pull it out.

Out with the old (left), in with the new (right). 
Both planners are Simplified by Emily Ley.
Last Friday morning Hallie and I, with friends, headed back to Basecamp Farms, this time to pick our own flowers. Hallie was less excited about the process than I thought she'd be (while she enjoyed wielding the clippers, she was not a fan of the many bees and bugs), but I was thrilled with the flowers and vase we brought home. 

This girl got new glasses...and contacts! She's a natural (apparently she learned how to put contacts in and take them back out by watching her bestie do so over Messenger Kids #coronakids), and absolutely adores her newfound "freedom" and improved vision!  

Happiness Highlights
Sometimes I get to witness the sweet moments.

She's loving her new dance sweatshirt!
"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak."

Yep. 😂

So pleased with my new "system"
for storing a few masks in my car!

Yet another smile in the rain.
(Taken after she and I returned home from a
35-minute bike ride in a torrential downpour.)

Every week we buy homemade scones from a friend
of Hallie's. They're always amazing, but last week's
apple cinnamon really hit the spot. This is Hallie's
"holy cow, I've never tasted anything so delicious" face.

Happy weekend, friends!

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