Friday, July 10, 2020

High Five for Friday (7.10.20)

When schools closed their doors back in March, our district began providing lunches at a few different locations around town. These meals were available at no cost to anyone with children in the district, regardless of whether or not the family qualified for free/reduced breakfast or lunch. At first we didn't take advantage of this offer because I (incorrectly) thought we would be taking food away from families in need. Later, and once I learned that wouldn't be the case (the district wanted to service as many families as possible, regardless of need, and had plenty of food to distribute), we'd already settled into a rhythm for our lunches and opted not to make a daily drive to one of the distribution sites. Lunch distribution continued into the summer, and when I heard a couple of weeks ago that numbers had dropped and the district hoped they would pick back up, I decided to take the kids and give it a try for the first time.

This was last Monday's haul, minus the ice cream sandwiches, which we'd already put in the freezer - breakfasts and lunches for both kids for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

I mean, what?! I was truly impressed.

And this was Thursday's haul, minus the milks, which I'd already put in the refrigerator - breakfast and lunch for both kids for Thursday and Friday.

The kids and I were irrationally excited, and we had so much fun going through all of the new and different food options. Between the two of them (and with a little help from their daddy), all of the perishables disappeared quickly. We set the nonperishables aside to snack on over the weekend, and anything they didn't like we bagged up to take to the Little Free Food Pantry we like to stock. We're looking forward to participating in the program through the end of July!

We've been stocking up on different kinds of masks, both because we wear them frequently now and because we're preparing to wear them longterm, especially if/when the kids go back to school. But we also decided to give face shields a try, as they're a reasonable - and even preferable - alternative to masks in some situations. (I truly hope our school district builds them into their soon-to-be-released safety protocols for the fall semester.) Hallie had an opportunity to wear hers right away, and she actually found it reasonably comfortable, even while dancing (ballet only - other genres would be tougher). She didn't, however, find it reasonably beautiful, so she dressed it up with washi tape and now it's perfectly personalized for her.

On Friday morning, Hallie and I made the short trek with friends to Basecamp Farms, a local flower farm, where we picked up our purchased bouquet and took pictures in front of their sunflower wall. I had been meaning to visit this farm for months, but it took a pandemic and resulting free time for me to actually get out there. We hope to visit again soon for one of their U Pick events!

Happy belated 4th of July! After a slow morning at home, we had a fun afternoon grilling, swimming, playing yard games, roasting marshmallows, and making s'mores with the friends with whom we've been quarantining since mid-May, when we finally left the house for the first time.

Happiness Highlights

Will outgrew his cleats (what's new), so I took them - even though
they're a little big 😫 - for myself. My first pair in almost 20 years!

My friend Crystal would usually have brought a large charcuterie board
to our backyard get-together, but in this day and age of social distancing,
she made each of the four of us our own instead. They were AMAZING!  

These two - best buddies forever.

My BIL may or may not have logged into our
Netflix account and surprised us with a little note.

Happy weekend, friends!

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