Friday, July 24, 2020

High Five for Friday (7.24.20)

Thank you to everyone who helped Tom celebrate his birthday from afar. He truly appreciated all of the notes, messages, and calls.

In many ways Tom's birthday was just a regular Friday, but we were excited to add a fun dinner, Simpsons marathon, special birthday cake, and handful of gifts, as well as rounds of both of his favorites - disc golf and video games - to the latter half of the day.

As you might remember, I love our local Board and Brush painting studio. I don't feel comfortable going to any in-person workshops - regardless of how many people would be in attendance and what safety protocols would be in place - right now though, so on occasion I purchase take and paint kits in an attempt to help them stay afloat. This most recent project is one of my favorites, both because I tried something new with my painting and because I can pull it out multiple times a year!

Earlier this week I posted Will and Hallie's official end-of-the-year pics, but OF COURSE I took a few unofficial pics as well.

In true teenage boy fashion, this one did not want to participate:

In true tweenage girl fashion, this one wanted to take all the pictures:

For the last few years Hallie and I have taken in at least one show - if not two or three shows - a season at our local theater company, appropriately called The Theatre Company. Some of our favorites included Into the Woods and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and we were looking forward to both Tuck Everlasting and The Wedding Singer this spring. But as I'm sure you've guessed, TTC's spring shows were cancelled, as were their summer theater camps, one of which Hallie had planned to attend. TTC was able to put on a few restructured and simplified youth camps before our numbers became even more serious, but without its regularly scheduled programming and accompanying income - and when a storm damaged the roof and water damaged the theatre itself - TTC's financial situation became dire.

On Saturday night, TTC held its first ever "I Believe in TTC" telethon. Hallie and I watched the entire show, the highlights of which for us were "Popular" from Wicked and Hallie hearing her name read and being thanked for her donation on air.

The night was tremendously fun, and successful. Here's hoping TTC will be able to keep its doors open for years to come!

Happiness Highlights
A note from my boy.

Apparently Will keeps his braces rubber bands
on the outside of the lemonade pitcher. Inside the
refrigerator. We get such a kick out of finding
these rubber bands in the most bizarre places!

I LOVE this picture.

Hallie and I went through the car wash and for the
first time opted for the protective color treatment.

It was well worth the extra $2!

Happy weekend, friends!

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