Friday, February 14, 2020

High Five for Valentine's Day

Today is my parents' 44th anniversary. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Today is also my sis-in-law birthday. Happy birthday, Chands!

A couple of weeks ago, Hallie's bestie Kara found out she had been invited to begin dancing en pointe this spring. Pointe - and eventually becoming a professional ballerina - has been Kara's dream for as long as I can remember, and listening (secretly, outside the door) to Kara tell Hallie about her dream come true and Hallie celebrate Kara's accomplishment brought me more joy than I ever expected. Thankfully Kara's pointe shoe fitting took place in between Hallie and their other bestie's dance classes; they wouldn't have missed this moment for anything.

On Friday night we attended - and Hallie performed in - one of our favorite annual events, Night of Worship. After hurrying home from school, Hallie changed clothes and we quickly took care of hair and make-up before heading to the theater in Bryan. After the girls warmed up and ran their dances, we had a brief break during which we - per usual - indulged in an ice cream treat. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been thinking about my chocolate malt for at least 10 days prior...

But back to the dancing! We had comfortable - cool, but not so cold that snuggling under a blanket didn't do the trick - weather, and the girls did a lovely job on stage. Fall is light on company performances, so to see them perform again was fun, uplifting, and reinvigorating.

On Saturday night, Hallie's friend Tessa - who moved away last year - spent the night at our house and Hallie threw her a miniature (just the two of them) birthday party. Long distance friendships are tough, but these two are trying their best!

Happy Friday - and Happy Valentine's Day - friends!

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