Friday, February 7, 2020

High Five for Friday (2.7.20)

Remember last week when I threw up a high five for the end of basketball season? Turns out basketball season wasn't actually over, and the boys had another week of practice and a playoff game on Monday. They won their most exciting game of the year by one point in overtime. The last video below is of the final seconds and the celebration that ensued.

I hadn't planned for basketball season, but we were able fit practices and games into our schedule better than I expected. I hadn't planned to enjoy this new sport, but I LOVED watching Will play. In all likelihood Will has only one more year of school basketball left (where we live, high school soccer and basketball overlap, which means Will will have to choose between the two sports), but I'm thrilled he plans to continue with the sport next year!

The last two weekends these two girlies have sold snacks and lemonade - under the name Havery's (Hallie + Avery) Sweets and Treats - out in front of our house. They haven't made a lot of money, but what they have made, they've designated for charity.

After a day of dance for our girls, many of my fellow dance moms and I headed out for an evening of appetizers, drinks, and fellowship. The new wine bar - Primrose Path - we chose for our get-together was lovely, the company even nicer.

I wish I'd taken a group photo...

Every year on the 100th day of school I walk a block from my house to watch our elementary school's kindergarteners on their 100th Day Parade. I haven't had a kindergartener of my own in five years, but I love "attending" this event both to see the littles celebrating "100 Days Smarter" and the connection it fosters between the school and the neighborhood.

Happiness Highlights
Vegetable growing season has begun! Tom and Hallie planted
and labeled 12 different pots of goodies to enjoy later this spring.
On Saturday morning, Will and a few of his fellow Cavalry players
attended a school activities fair to recruit for their club. I appreciate
that they were all willing to spend some of their weekend talking about
what sets this club apart, and I think they represented the club well!
Hallie spent Saturday morning at a ballet intensive with Kirsten Kemp,
a former professional dancer with the Oklahoma City Ballet. She came out
sweaty and tired but with a huge smile on her face - the perfect combination!
This pic came across my radar this week...I love that she's so
little and blond and pouty and covered in (unnecessary) bandaids. 
A friend/roommate of mine from college came across this
photo of me and our other friend/roommate's now-husband
cleaning our living room rug. Must have been a slow news day
in Iowa City for this to have made the front page of the paper...
Girlie (dis)likes watching Will play basketball almost as much as
she (dis)likes watching him play soccer. She didn't look up once
and read an entire chapter book during last week's game. She did,
however, cheer for him during this week's game - a first for her!
Mom came out on top of our annual
Ferris Family Super Bowl competition! 

Happy weekend, friends!

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