Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Merry Christmas from the Four Ferri

I love traditional Christmas card photos, but I could do without the stress that accompanies preparing for and taking them. Selecting a date when everyone is available. Choosing outfits that coordinate. Hoping the weather holds out. Timing the soft, evening light just right. Bribing children with candy to cooperate. So this year, I opted out of traditional Christmas card photos.

I asked Will to get dressed as he would for soccer practice, I asked Hallie to get dressed as if she were heading to a dance rehearsal, and I took them to the park. (Hair was the one exception to their authentic soccer and dance looks; I made Will brush his hair, and I let Hallie wear her hair down.) When we arrived at the park, I explained to Will and Hallie that the plan was for them to simply "do what they love" while the father of a friend of Hallie's - who is starting his own sports photography business - stood off to the side and snapped away.

Eventually we decided it would be fun to capture a picture of them "at their peaks" - Will at the peak of a header and Hallie at the peak of a leap - so we started working on timing both jumps together. It took quite a while and many attempts, but the kids had fun with the process and I love the finished product.

A big thank you to Charles with Quad C Photography for the photos and my friend, Kim, whose amazing editing skills spruced up the pics I wanted to use.

In many ways, 2019 wasn’t our year. Injuries, illnesses, and health concerns – not life-threatening, but significant enough to cause worry and anxiety – plagued our immediate family as well as those in our extended families and our friends. But 2019 was still a good year, and these pictures of the children I love more than anything in the world doing what they love more than anything in the world remind me of that.

Here's a summary of the good:
  • Will is crushing middle school, and has enjoyed the addition of Spanish and school sports to his schedule. He had a fantastic cross country season this fall, and after making the basketball team in November, is midway through his first basketball season. Will continues to love playing soccer, chess, and the cello and is driven, friendly, and funny.
  • Hallie is rocking intermediate school. She adores learning and works incredibly hard for her academic success. She remains as passionate as ever about expressing her creativity through music, art, and dance - she did a beautiful job as a Polichinelle in Ballet Brazos' production of The Nutcracker earlier this month - and is determined, kind, and strong.
  • Tom is also passionate about expressing his creativity...and now that he has a Mad Science Laboratory in our backyard, the sky is his limit. He still loves disc golf and music, and sometimes he goes to work. He is generous and frequently the family's voice of reason. 
  • Erin isn’t crushing or rocking anything, but she is managing to balance her roles of wife, mother, freelance writer, volunteer, chef, chauffeur, master planner, and schedule keeper. She loves taking care of her people. 

We wish you and yours a peaceful and joyful holiday season.

And with that, I'm taking the rest of the week off! See you next Tuesday, Chasing Roots!

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