Friday, December 6, 2019

High Five for Friday (12.6.19)

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday in Arkansas. We spent a few days with my parents, my sister and her family, my grandma and her husband, three of my aunts, two of my uncles, and one of my cousins. (And a partridge in a pear tree, of course.) We see some of these family members only every two years, so it's wonderful to catch up when opportunities present themselves.
This girl baked three pies!
Family hike through the nearby state park.
The music men.
Coloring place settings for Thanksgiving dinner. 
Two girls and their hubbies.
Plus all their kiddos.
We also had a fun Black Friday in Arkansas. As we've done on Black Fridays past, we didn't hit up the malls or the big box stores and instead visited a handful of the many flea markets and antique shops in and around my grandma's house in Greenbrier. These shops tend to be fairly quiet and peaceful, which I much prefer over loud, chaotic stores overrun with frenzied shoppers. (Well, we made one quick stop at Target. My sister had to pick up a gift she had ordered, and I went along because I needed Starbucks coffee.)
Only flea markets have pet kittens. 

Back in College Station, we enjoyed our - far too short - Thanksgiving break. I desperately wish we would have had more unscheduled days at home, but I enjoyed the (partially free) Sunday, Monday, and Sunday we did have, especially because we used one of those days to set up our Christmas tree, put out all of our Christmas decorations, and update the Christmas lights out front...which are now "flawless", according to Tom.

Highlights from this year's Apprentice Company (I still have a hard time not saying/writing Mini Company) photoshoot. Such talented and gorgeous girls...

Highlights from Will's first basketball game, which they won. It was so much more exciting than I thought it would be!
Warming up.
Waiting for tip off.
Playing defense.
Inbounding the ball.
Showing off his first basketball injury.

When my little buddy Calvin found out his parents couldn't attend his school Thanksgiving feast because of their work schedules, he was more upset than they expected. But Calvin came up with a solution: he explained to his parents, "Ms. Erin will go with me. Tell her there'll be tots." (As in tator tots, because apparently I love tator tots enough for them to factor into my decision.) I couldn't possibly say no to an offer like that.
Interestingly, his mouth is full of tots.

When I arrived, Calvin's teacher told me that during circle time that morning Calvin had shared with his friends that 1) I was coming to the feast and 2) I love tots. 😂

Happiness Highlights: A bonus High Five!
Annual ornament painting at Board & Brush.
Putting out Nutcracker signs at all of the CS schools. 
She lost two teeth on Thanksgiving!
Chris the Elf arrived...
...bringing with him advent calendars and (onesie) pajamas.
Of course Hallie's advent calendar has a nutcracker on it. 
Found this...😍
...and this. 😍😍
If I fits, I sits.

Happy Friday, friends!

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