Friday, December 20, 2019

High Five for Friday (12.20.19)

On Tuesday afternoon and after nearly two months of twice weekly appointments and daily workouts at home, Hallie graduated from physical therapy. As strange as it sounds, physical therapy was a bright spot in our fall; though our reason for being there was physically and emotionally painful, the staff - our physical therapist and the two techs who regularly worked with Hallie - were amazing. They were kind and understanding, but they also pushed Hallie to work as hard as she could and along the way showed her just how strong she has become. I know that treating patients well is their job, but I also know that Hallie has a special place in their hearts...when we started physical therapy, Hallie's goal was to dance in the Nutcracker, and when it became clear she would accomplish this goal, ALL THREE bought tickets and came to see her in the show.
Wearing her "graduation shirt" and with the gift
her PT team brought her after the Nutcracker.

On Wednesday morning and after multiple appointments, Sports Medicine cleared Hallie as well!

And finally, as of yesterday afternoon, we are officially done with the fall semester! 

My mom and both of Tom's parents made the trek to College Station to see Hallie perform in The Nutcracker. We are all incredibly lucky to have family members willing to go to such lengths to support our kids as they follow their dreams.

I also need to throw up a high five for my mom, without whom I probably couldn't have made it through the days leading up to Nutcracker. While Tom traveled for work, my mom helped me shuttle kids to and from dance classes, soccer practices, an out-of-town basketball game, a soccer tournament, Nutcracker rehearsals, an art show, and an orchestra recruitment event. This time of year is crazy, in a good way!
One of the only pics I took during her visit. While on
a walk we rescued an escaped dog (a story for another
post), and as part of that process we had to keep said
dog from running into traffic using my sweatshirt as
a leash. It was an adventure.

Speaking of the Nutcracker...

It's funny how at this time of year we can't seem to escape it no matter where we go. Here are just a couple of examples:
They both insisted on kissing this fella
after this photo was taken.
Will's holiday orchestra concert concluded with a medley of Nutcracker songs
This one was my favorite musically... (Will is 2nd chair, visible only as white 
blob - his blond head - to the right of the director and 1st chair cello player.)

...but this one was my favorite entertainment-wise. Pay 
careful attention to the left side of the video as it starts.

Speaking of an art show and an orchestra recruitment event...

Hallie has always loved art, but for the first time this semester she actually loved her art class and teacher. She is looking forward to trying theater in the spring, but I know it will be difficult for her to leave behind this creative experience and her inspiring educator.

The first stop on Will's orchestra recruitment tour took him back to his elementary school. A beautifully complicated mix of feelings came with watching an older, bigger, stronger, smarter, maturer version of him walk the same halls he walked as a little boy.
Back at the Rock as a 7th grader.
Last day of 4th grade.
First day of kindergarten.

Happiness Highlights
(Or as it should perhaps be called this week, Dance-Related Highlights.)
Hallie's "job" (assisting with younger student
dance classes) has been a bright spot in our year.   
I have loved watching her learn how to teach and
nurture in the classroom, and as she led her students on
stage for their Christmas performance my heart about burst.
The lighting situation during Hallie's Christmas performances
wasn't conducive for photos, so this is the only one I took. That's
her, with her arm up in the air. She did a beautiful job, especially
considering she has been sidelined for most of the last six weeks.
I literally could not "dance mom" without these ladies. 
This picture was taken during a different performance, but I just
received it and now it's my new favorite. The joy she feels when
dancing is written all over her face. 
Last but not least, my sweet Lily turned nine this week. 

Will certainly deserves to be a part of my happiness highlights high five, but taking - and sharing - pictures of my sweet boy gets tougher as he gets older... 

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