Friday, October 25, 2019

High Five for Friday (10.25.19)

We made it through the primary fundraiser at Hallie's school - thanks to those who supported her efforts!
Ready to "Glow in the Grove"!

On Friday night my friend, Jenn, and I hosted a Noonday party. I love Noonday jewelry and accessories, but I also adore how the company brings people together, empowers artisans, and makes shopping fun and meaningful.

In case you're looking for Christmas gifts for loved ones, here are a few of my favorites this holiday season.  

It's hard to believe how much these kids have improved since they started orchestra just over two years ago. The difference between 5th and 6th grade orchestra blew me away, and the difference between 6th and 7th grade orchestra was just as impressive. I love that Will still wants to play the cello and participate in orchestra, and I'm so proud of how hard he and his fellow orchestra members worked to prepare for this week's concert.

Rarely does Will wear anything except athletic apparel, and while that style of clothing suits him, I enjoy occasionally seeing him with his hair styled and wearing something other than a soccer jersey. He cleans up nicely, doesn't he?

And we wrapped up our Orchestra concert evening with (now traditional) dinner at IHOP.

Happiness Highlights
Fall 😍 
More Fall 😍
Thursday Night Lights at the Aggie soccer game with my boy.
Friday Night Lights at the Badger soccer game.
(Those are my parents - aren't they adorable?)
Their first "catch" of the fall!
It's always fun to pull out last year's cool weather
pajamas, even more so when they kind of still fit! 
Look at her, chatting his ear off. I miss that little pipsqueak.
And that's my Lily, the first time she visited
us in CS and we dressed her up like an Aggie.
Thanks, Facebook, for the memories.
Blue and silver brownie bites for the CSMS Cross Country team.

Happy Friday, friends!

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