Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Dance (and Soccer) Mom Challenge

I love it when friends participate in Facebook photo/posting "challenges". You know the ones to which I'm referring, right? Once a day for 10 days, post a picture of the cover a favorite book, a funny meme, lyrics to a favorite song, or a picture that makes you feel like a baseball mom. I never participate myself, not because I don't like the posts, but because I usually lose track of the 10-day posting schedule. 

I was - in months past - tagged for both a dance mom and a soccer mom challenge (to post pictures that make me feel like a dance mom and a soccer mom), so I'm tackling both today...but in blog post form rather than Facebook post form. 

If I remember correctly, the instructions require me to post 10 pictures, each without any explanation. 

Dance Mom Challenge...here we go! 

Yep, that was more than 10 photos. Turns out I can't follow instructions very well.

Soccer Mom Challenge...here we go!

I cut the soccer pics down a little closer to 10, but I still went over. Oh well!

There's nowhere I'd rather be than watching these two kiddos do what they love.

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