Friday, October 18, 2019

High Five for Friday (10.18.19)

Y'ALL, we had two days of fall last week and two days of fall this week, and every hour - every minute - made me feel reborn. In particular, I enjoyed letting the fresh air into the house, sleeping with the windows open, and wearing a sweatshirt and boots for the first time in months.

Speaking of fall, one member of the family wasn't quite as excited for its (temporary) arrival as the rest of us. Tux happened to be outside when the first cold front rolled through, bringing with it a noticeable change in pressure, significant wind gusts, and thunder, and he panicked. He wouldn't leave my side for the rest of the day, and at one point he even climbed onto my lap and pushed my phone out of my hand so he could rest his head there. Tux certainly slowed my productivity that day, but after a long summer hiatus, I enjoyed seeing - and feeling - his cuddly side once again.

On Saturday afternoon, Hallie and I, along with grown-up and little girl friends, went to see Matilda: The Musical at a local theatre company. Hallie DESPERATELY wanted to audition for this show, but the rehearsal and performance schedule conflicted mightily with her dance schedule. She shed many a tear trying to decide which direction to go, but she eventually opted to focus on dance during the school year and musical theatre during the summer months. I wasn't sure if she would want to see the show at all - when I said "shed many a tear", I meant MANY, to the point that I wondered if watching the show would be too emotional - but she did, and she loved getting to see a new cast in and a new take on one of her favorite musicals.

On Sunday afternoon, our tribe of dance company moms threw a surprise baby shower for our amazing dance studio owner and friend. She's expecting her third little bundle of joy but her first girl, so we wanted to officially welcome baby into our studio family and stock her nursery with ruffled sleepers, flowered blankets, unicorn bath towels, dancer tights, and close to 100 baby headbands. (No really, close to 100 headbands. We let the girls make baby headbands and they made SO MANY.) I was thrilled with how the shower went: we had a great turnout of girls and moms, the decor looked lovely, the food tasted yummy, and best of all, we truly shocked Bethany, which was tough to do given that we held the shower in her dance studio.

Thank goodness for long weekends, am I right? While I don't support celebrating Columbus Day, I do appreciate having the day - and the Tuesday following - off from school. I felt tempted on more than one occasion to add activities to both days, but in the end I kept it to just the gym in the morning, playing outside, dance and soccer in the evenings (neither sport followed the school calendar's cancellations this time), and one lunch with friends.

Happy weekend, friends!

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