Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Horseshoe Junction

Our first Saturday morning excursion went so well that I decided to keep the "tradition" alive the following week. The kids and I headed out early (I'm going to declare 9am early for a Saturday in the summer), drove about 45 minutes to Brenham, and pulled in to the parking lot of Horseshoe Junction just as it opened.

This small family fun park had been on my local(ish) Texas Bucket List for a while, but I think we visited at exactly the right time with regard to the kids' ages - both Will and Hallie were old and big enough to try all of the rides and activities, but not so old and big that Horseshoe Junction's smaller scale felt anti-climactic to them.

Because we arrived just as the park opened, we didn't wait in line for anything, which was GLORIOUS. We started with a round of miniature golf on a simple but well-designed and attractive course (our miniature golf standards are too high thanks to the amazing course in Madison, but we all agreed we would play this course again). Following 18 holes, we tried the go karts. This was both Will and Hallie's first experience with go karts, and they LOVED them. Will drove himself (somewhat poorly, I might add. I yelled, "STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!" at least a dozen times), and while Hallie could have driven herself, she opted to ride with me so she could ask questions like, "Where is your turn signal?!" and "Do you think we're going a little too fast around these corners, Mama?"
Starting out our round of miniature golf.
Coming in hot around those corners.

We took a break from the go karts to ride the bumper boats, climb the rock wall, and bounce on the bungee trampolines, and then we returned to the go karts for a few more runs before wrapping up our time at Horseshoe Junction with laser tag.
They don't look that wet post-
bumper boats, but we were drenched!
Will made it to the top multiple times. Hallie
enjoyed climbing halfway up, letting go, "floating" to
the ground, and then starting over. And over. And over.
Her body is mostly limbs, as evidenced in this pic.
Waiting for Will while he took yet another turn on the go karts.

Just like they did after our visit to Aggieland Safari, the kids thanked me repeatedly for taking them on such a fun excursion. And just like Aggieland Safari, Horseshoe Junction is a little far for us to stop by regularly, but we'll definitely return with Tom (who stayed home for disc golf this time) and with our cousins the next time they visit.

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