Friday, May 31, 2019

High Five for Friday (5.31.19)

Since last Friday's post was all about my girl "graduating" from elementary school, this week's High Five for Friday post covers a couple of weeks' worth of high fives.


The last week of school brought a host of fun and rewarding events for Will and Hallie, and therefore me as well. Will had Catstravaganza (a school-wide fun day), his end-of-the-year Awards Ceremony, and his last soccer tournament of the athletic year. Hallie had Field Day, a Student Council lock-in, the 4th grade auction, an end-of-the-year popsicle party, a field trip to the swimming pool, and her final Mini Company performances. The last two weeks of May are always a whirlwind, but in a good way!
The only picture I have from Catstravaganza:
PTO moms and teachers feeding hundreds of
students in-between their fun day activities!
Will did well academically, but this award made me the proudest.
Waiting out the soccer tournament lightening delay in Dallas
over lunch with cousins Katy, Nate, Dave, and sweet baby Ben!
The "get sprayed with a hose" station at Field Day is a favorite.
Field Day Limbo
Field Day Tug-O-War
A bittersweet note: one of Hallie's best friends (Tessa) is
moving away. They met on the first day of third grade, and
have packed an enormous amount of friendship into the last
two years. I'm so grateful they found each other when they did.
On the top: at their 4th grade Student Council Lock-In.
On the bottom: at their kindergarten end-of-the-year program.
Popsicles on the monkey bars.
Kara and Hallie
Last formal Mini Company performance.
Last (clearly) informal Mini Company performance.

Deserving of its own high five, Hallie's 4th grade Walk the Halls. Here are Rock Prairie Elementary's "seniors" walking their school's halls and bidding farewell to their fellow students - who are cheering them on and wishing them good luck in the future - for the last time.

Also deserving of its own high five, Will's - and my - first school dance. Thinking that the sixth grade dance would be a lot of fun, last May I committed to the position of Spring Fling Coordinator for this school year. Turns out Will wasn't all that enthused about attending a dance, but he did so because I wanted him to and ended up having a blast with his friends.

Two weeks before the Spring Fling, Will and I had this conversation.

Erin: Will, are you excited for the Spring Fling?
Will: What's the Spring Fling?
Erin: The Spring Fling is the sixth grade dance, buddy.
Will: Wait. We have a sixth grade dance?

Insert eye roll.

We celebrated the start of summer, as we traditionally do, with summer fun baskets, cookie cake, and a swim party with friends.
Leaving (with tired eyes, bless their exhausted
hearts) for their last days of 6th and 4th grade.
The littles with their last day of school/summer fun buckets.
The bigs with their last day of school/summer fun buckets.

Last but not least, recital 2019 is in the books!

Happy Friday, friends!

I almost forgot...a few of you were probably waiting for this picture. 😍

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