Friday, May 3, 2019

High Five for Friday (5.3.19)

On Friday evening we attended - and helped coordinate, per our role as a PTO family - our last Rockin' 'Rangler Picnic. This entire semester feels like one long farewell to childhood (not in a good way), and Friday night was no exception. Nevertheless, we had a great time watching the kids burn off excess energy in the bounce houses, get their faces painted, select their balloons animals, and play with their friends.

My parents came to visit for the majority of the week, and were able to join us for the picnic and a variety of other both special and mundane, every day events. It was wonderful to catch up with them, and we were particularly grateful for their help around the house and shuttling the kids to and from school, dance, and soccer.

The original reason behind my parents' visit was Hallie's birthday. Or more specifically, Hallie's birthday gift, which was tickets for my mom, Hallie, and me to see Matilda the Musical in Austin. Since she received the musical's soundtrack from her Aunt Sara three weeks ago, Hallie has learned almost all of the words to almost all of the songs, and she adored singing along - sometimes in her head, sometimes quietly but out loud - with some of her newest favorite characters. The show was incredibly well done, and reminded us how much we love musical theater.

The last week has been a busy one school-wise. Will participated in - and I baked lemonade cupcakes for - his school's Lemonade Day (students learn how to start and operate a small business) and Hallie participated in her school's Science Expo (she presented on "Cat Genetics: Why Does That Cat Look Like That?"), and my parents and I were able to attend both events.
"Aloha Summer Lemonade"...
...selling Mama Ferris' famous lemonade cupcakes!
Hallie and her poem puzzle watercolor painting. (The
poem is a puzzle, and she had to paint a picture that would
help parents figure out to what the poem was referring.)
Hallie's project and presentation were on cat genetics.

Happiness Highlights
Tux brought Will a snake and left it in the fort that Will and Hallie
had built and in which they had planned to sleep. Thankfully, these
three brave souls found and removed the snake from the premises.
Shopping with Grandma and Grandpa at Lake Walk Market. We scored
lots of fresh, delicious goodies and enjoyed the almost summer-like weather.
Hallie, Grandma, and I climbed the observation tower. I didn't die.
"Boozy cupcakes" from Symmply Sweets - SO delicious!
A quick stop at Blue Bell Park on our way to
soccer practice with Aggie Coach G at Ellis Field.
Will and Hallie could have posed all evening.
A full year after the amazing Shannon Morton took
this gorgeous picture of Hallie, the professionally
framed version finally made it onto her wall.

Happy Friday, friends!

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