Friday, May 17, 2019

High Five for Friday (5.17.19)

Since last Friday's post had to do with Mother's Day, this week's High Five for Friday post covers a couple of weeks' worth of high fives.

I am fairly certain there is no way - at least if you have school-aged children - to NOT feel overwhelmed in May. I liken the month to a marathon, except that instead of running at a slow and steady pace, we are expected to run at top speed for all 26.2 miles. My legs sure are tired...

Two weekends back, combinations of the four Ferri celebrated the (near) end of the dance year with our annual Mini Company pool party, celebrated a friend's birthday at Altitude, enjoyed a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat put on by our local theatre company, auditioned for Apprentice Company for the 2019-2020 dance year, performed at a music festival in Houston, celebrated a great performance at said music festival at Splashtown Water Park, and worked on the lawn and the Mad Science Laboratory. The weekend was crazy, but we had so much fun with each other and our dance, soccer, school, and neighborhood friends.
Mini Company 2018-2019
Hallie with the Narrator and Joseph.
Trying to keep ourselves distracted/occupied while
our girls were auditioning for Apprentice Company
Wine and a fabulous charcuterie board helped.
About to perform at the Splashtown Music Festival. They received a high
score from all of the judges, and the cellos received a "best section" award!
Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

Throughout all of last week we celebrated both the teachers and the nurses in our lives - we know and love some of the best!

Last week we also knocked out an orchestra concert, a soccer banquet, and my last two PTO meetings of the year, one of which was my last PTO meeting EVER (after SEVEN years!!!) at Will and Hallie's elementary school. These end-of-the-year events serve as a wonderful reminder of how far we - the kids, yes, but also me, in my role as a PTO Board member - have come in our various endeavors.
Will was tremendously proud to have earned second chair for
this concert. His placement, however, meant I could only see and
photograph him when he stood up to adjust his music stand.
Post-concert breakfast for dinner at our new IHOP.

Dance dress rehearsal weekend always feels like a full weekend commitment because I spend all day Friday prepping costumes, hair supplies, make up, activities, and snacks; all day Saturday at the rehearsal itself; and all Sunday unpacking and reorganizing everything for the actual performance two weeks later. Thankfully, this year's dress rehearsal went fairly smoothly...and I didn't sit in pee!
Each of those five bags contains a costume, tights, shoes, and a
hair accessory. On the floor are a batch of cookies, a bag of candy,
transition shoes, a nude leo, a jacket, make-up, and hair supplies. The
backpack contains another change of clothes, activities to help
pass the downtime, and snacks. And that is just Hallie's stuff. 
Ready to get this show on the road! 

Happiness Highlights
Mini Company members of the month. 
He still loves boxes.
Hallie's official ballet portrait.
The aftermath of my bathroom "duck and cover"
during our most recent tornado warning. Note the
kitty in the back of the photo - he willingly kept me
company in the bathroom with me the entire time. 
Will's 6th grade black bear habitat. I add "6th grade"
because Will also made a black bear habitat in 2nd
grade. Too bad we didn't hang on to that one...
Working on her own bun!

Happy Friday, friends!

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