Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Get Out of Jail Free Card

Intending to take a picture of our Monopoly game's "get out of jail
free" card, I opened the door to the game closet. Yikes. I never did
find the game so this photo - of the mess - will have to do. Tackling
this closet will be our first project come summer vacation!
Sometimes after an exceptionally busy week month all of 2019, I cash in one of two or three "get out of jail free cards" I allow myself to use when it comes to the blog. Instead of new content, today you'll find a fun compilation post to hopefully provide you with a thought-provoking read, an emotional pick-me-up, a mental reset, an authentic laugh, or reassurance that kindness and generosity are still all around us.

11 Rules You Will Never Learn in School
This video is now saved in my "watch with Will and Hallie" folder.

In honor of Mother's Day...I am the Keeper
I see you. And I salute you.

No one loves fall as much as this dog.
Except maybe me.

The Spring Mom Struggle
Anyone? ANYONE?!

Kids should be in charge of naming all the things.
On a related note, if you see me in person, ask me to tell you about Will and his armpit confusion. I can't share it here because he's a tweenager, but I'm allowed to share it in real life.

An incredibly interesting take - written by a well-known elementary school principal - on the ongoing college admissions scandal.
This makes SO MUCH SENSE.

I love "music videos" like this one.
And I've loved this song forever.

I want this "firevase" video to be legit...
If it is, I will be first in line to make a purchase.

How to Create a More Peaceful World, courtesy of Jane Goodall.
I love her.

For those of you with tween or teenage daughters (or sons), this article - about reframing anxiety and strengthening resilience - might be helpful.
"Anxiety is a normal and healthy function, and much of the anxiety that teenagers express is a sign that they are aware of their surroundings, mindful of their growing responsibilities, and frightened of things that are, in fact, scary."

I strive to be more like 15-year-old Greta Thunberg.

As we near the end of this compilation, a laugh: What It's Like to be a Kid Today
The comedic stylings of this 14-year-old are a little crass, but they're also spot on and quite funny.

And to wrap things up, another laugh: one man's take on the absurdity of Peleton advertisements. Reminds me of this take on the Williams Sonoma catalog, which when I read it for the first time had me crying out loud in my McOffice.

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