Friday, February 1, 2019

High Five for Friday (2.1.19)

Over the weekend, Tom and Will spent a Christmas gift card on a new smoker. Hallie helped Tom assemble the smoker, and then Tom whipped - and by whipped, I mean smoked low and slow - a few racks of ribs. Our Sunday evening dinner game has certainly been taken up a notch!

The two littles on the right danced in their 4th grade Variety Show yesterday. (The third little goes to a different school, which is why she didn't perform with the other two.) They nailed their performance, and I promise to share more pics next week.

But this high five isn't about their dance...this high five is for my mom, who made these gorgeous costumes. I originally asked her to make two, for the Variety Show, but when Hallie and I realized we just couldn't imagine only two of the three musketeers dressing up as Nutcracker bakers, she understood and made a third. Thank you, Mom - you're the absolute best!

On Saturday afternoon and in between Will's soccer games, Hallie and I saw A&M Consolidated High School's production of The Wizard of Oz. I attended a high school with spectacular music and theatre programs, and therefore have (probably unreasonably) high standards when it comes to high school musicals. Unlike most high school musicals I've seen, The Wizard of Oz lived up to my expectations. As we are currently zoned for this high school, I couldn't help but dream about one day watching Hallie on that same stage.

Speaking of soccer games, Will had quite a few this weekend and ended up with a couple of wins and a tie. We're back in the soccer saddle again, and I love it!

Sunday brought two lovely fine arts experiences. First up, Carnival of the Animals, performed as a partnership between Ballet Brazos and the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra. After Carnival of the Animals wrapped, we headed home to watch the long-anticipated Rent: Live. After the debacle that was A Christmas Story: Live a year or so ago, Rent: Live was a breath of fresh air. (Can you describe Rent as a breath of fresh air? I'm not sure, given that its story revolves around HIV/AIDS, addiction, poverty, and homelessness...but I love Rent - and have loved the show for decades - for its focus on tolerance, acceptance, and hope.) I know a few people who thought the show fell short, but I loved it, and appreciated how the cast and crew truly embraced the age-old mantra, "the show must go on".
I'm not allowed to share photos from Carnival of the Animals,
so here's a photo of these two - enjoying their vending machine
Hostess cupcakes - while waiting for the show to start.

Happy Friday, friends!

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