Friday, February 8, 2019

High Five for Friday (2.8.19)

Last week I mentioned the Variety Show in the context of an event to which Hallie and her friends wore their new baker costumes, and this week I mention the Variety Show to send out a gigantic high five that it has wrapped. I have loved and am tremendously grateful for the many opportunities - five, to be exact - I've had to help our elementary school's 4th graders find their talents and bring their acts to life, but with a "graduating" 4th grader myself, the time has come for me step down. The show must go on, but next year it will be with someone else at the helm.

Let's keep the performance theme going, shall we?

On Friday, Hallie and her Mini Company performed at one of my favorite events of the year, Night of Worship. We rushed to Bryan as soon as possible after school so the kids could enjoy an ice cream treat, then turned the girls over to their director so the moms could enjoy a grown-up treat. Finally we settled into our seats (thank goodness for the nicest weather we've ever had for this outdoor event) and enjoyed our dancers.
These two manned the hot chocolate table prior to the show.
That's my girl!

Another weekend, another soccer tournament! We travel for every regular season game, so the opportunity to play two tournaments in a row just 15 minutes from our house felt like such a treat! The weekend didn't end exactly how the boys would have liked, but they played as hard as they could for as long as they could and I'm proud of them!
Will has an awesome coach. I have no idea what he
says to the boys when they sub out, but he always sits
 down next to them and from the sidelines it looks like
he legitimately cares about making sure they understand
his corrections and feel encouraged going forward.  

Tom and I have always told Will that he could play football...until the day the style of play switched from flag to tackle. Because he knew he would never make it as a high school football player (taking into account both his size and our rule about not playing the tackle version of the game), Will focused his energies on different athletic activities. But with middle school sports on the horizon, Will has suddenly developed an interest in taking the football field and a work-around to our no-tackle rule: he wants to become a kicker.

Will bought a football and a tee, and has made multiple trips to the middle school football field to see if his soccer kick might possibly translate to a football kick. He has also assured me that he's "pretty sure" kickers hardly ever get tackled, so I wouldn't need to worry about his brain.

I expect this interest in football will be short-lived and Will will soon go back to his original plan to run cross country, but in the meantime, I'm proud of how hard he's working toward this new goal.

Happiness Highlights
While Will kicked field goals, I walked the track and
marveled at this gorgeous rainbow. It appeared one minute
and was gone the next, making me all the more grateful I
was in the right place at the right time to see it. 
Hallie worked diligently on this tiny Etch-A-Sketch
project (rather than watch her brother play soccer)
for almost an hour. I love it when old school toys
make a comeback!
Will left these "finished" Rubik's Cubes on the
windowsill in Hallie's room. Can you see it?
Sometimes they're AWFUL to each other, but sometimes they
do things like this and all is once again right with the world.
Just because. 
Hallie and I bought matching "Love Rules" shirts
for Valentine's Day in the kids section at Target. 
For Christmas we bought my sister, BIL, niece,
and nephew tickets to see Finding Neverland.
Isn't Carter adorable in his pirate get-up?!
Grand Station birthday party for Paloma!
Paloma was so sweet to include
these three littles in the party fun!

Happy Friday, friends!

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