Friday, February 15, 2019

High Five for Friday (2.15.19)

I've written it once, and I'll write it again: these High Five for Friday posts truly make a difference for me. After I write about something frustrating and anxiety-inducing, I think it's incredibly important to refocus on and write about something positive and uplifting. High Five for Friday posts "require" me to do so, and therefore remind me about all the good. Find the good. Focus on the good. Be the good. Happy Friday, friends.

I didn't get a chance to edit and upload my photos from Daddy Daughter Week at dance before last Friday's High Five post, so I bumped the photos of Tom attending four of Hallie's seven weekly dance classes to this week's High Five post. My favorite (and laugh out loud) moment was hearing a friend of Hallie's - who is also a dancer and was watching through the window - describe Tom as "having a good grasp of the fundamentals of dance". 😂

I wouldn't choose to spend every afternoon preparing for and every evening attending an elementary school disco dance, but last Friday's event went well and we all had fun flashing back to the 1970s.
You only need a few hundred balloons to build a balloon arch!
When you're a PTO kid... get to help build the balloon arch, even if you would
rather be eating snack and playing outside on the playground.
Stayin' Alive at Studio Rock Prairie!
Fun in the photo booth.
The star of the disco.

February turned around, folks. Tom recovered (twice), Will recovered, my car has new tires, my car has a new battery, Will caught up at school, I caught up on work and around the house (at least enough to leave town for a weekend), and my carpal tunnel flare-up is (I hope) on the mend. Bring on our short and sweet Christmas/anniversary/Valentine's Day trip!

My parents arrive from the Great White North this evening! They're staying with the kids for a couple of days while Tom and I go out of town, and then once Tom and I return, they'll help me tackle a few projects around the house in between watching soccer practices and dance lessons.

Happiness Highlights
This one made me laugh.
The first buck ever spotted at the Lincoln Lodge!
My favorite!
This girl made her second Raddish meal - chicken
parmesan, garlicky green beans, and chocolate and caramel
fondue with fruit and pretzels - on Tuesday night. Yum!

Happy Friday, friends!

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