Monday, February 18, 2019

The Gardens at TAMU

Back in December we discovered a new "diamond in the rough" here in College Station: The Gardens at Texas A&M University.

The Gardens is a place where creativity sprouts, knowledge flourishes, and Aggie roots run deep. A place made for discovery – where we take research further and understanding wider. Where inspiration and spirit bloom.

This 27-acre expanse grew out of TAMU's desire to broaden research and outreach related to horticulture and its direct impact on life on earth. Creators of The Gardens envisioned a peaceful sanctuary where students and community members could learn about ever-connected ecosystems, plant growth, food production, and water conservation while also enjoying nature's beauty.

While not yet completely developed - from what I understand there is still work to be done on the children's garden and outdoor classroom, rose garden, savannah, and amphitheater - The Gardens has already begun helping all those who visit better understand conservation, preservation, and how to repair and sustain natural habitats.

We visited at the perfect time of day and year: about 5pm during The Gardens' Festival of Trees. We had 30 minutes of daylight left to take a self-guided tour through The Gardens, and then, as the sun slipped below the horizon, the lights - Christmas and otherwise - came to life.
Hallie, admiring her favorite piggy-themed tree.
Butterfly Garden art
Fruit Orchard
Kitchen Garden
A quiet, peaceful water feature nestled
among the many gardens and walkways.
Mexican Heritage Garden
Plaza in the Mexican Heritage Garden
Working in the Rain Garden
Birdwatching in the Bird Garden
Leach Vineyard
Three different varieties of grape are being grown to
promote the blossoming wine grape industry in Texas.
Pumping water and filling up her watering can.
Watering in the Children's Garden.

We all loved the experience, and wished we could have stayed longer. (Side note: plan ahead, as there was not, at least when we visited, a restroom available.) We plan to return in the spring though - I can only imagine how beautifully in bloom The Gardens' 27 acres will be come March and April.

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