Friday, January 4, 2019

High Five for Friday (1.4.19)

Home again, home again, jiggity jig! After spending a week in Wisconsin with my parents, sister, bro-in-law, niece, and nephew, we returned home to Texas last Sunday. We had a wonderful visit, but were excited to get home to see our best buddy.
Tux must have REALLY missed us while we were gone if he
was willing to hang out on Hallie's shoulders when we returned...

It might sound kind of silly, but I have to send a high five out to our mail carrier. We held our mail while in Wisconsin, so when two packages arrived at our house via another delivery service, our mail carrier knew we wouldn't be home to bring them inside. She picked up the packages, took them back to the post office and put them with our held mail, and called Tom to tell us what she'd done. She then delivered the packages when she brought us our regular and held mail on the day we returned to town. We have mostly bad luck with the post office itself (for example, last summer we held our mail while in Wisconsin and they lost it - all nine days of it - and we never got it back) but our mail carriers are the absolute best.

For a number of reasons we celebrate Christmas a second time - just the four of us and in our own house, in front of our own Christmas tree - once we return to Texas. We eat Mexican food and watch a Christmas movie on "Christmas Eve", and then on "Christmas morning" the kids open the gifts we couldn't take with us on our earlier holiday travels (usually their "big" gift and books, which are often too difficult and heavy to ship affordably) along with a couple of family games and a few more stocking stuffers. After presents, we make breakfast, lounge around in our pajamas, and eventually go for a family walk or bike ride, this year to try out Hallie's new scooter!

Soon after Second Christmas, the holiday decorations come down. As much as I love putting up Christmas, I also love taking down Christmas. I need to start the New Year with a clean slate, and for me, a clean slate includes a clean and organized house. It feels so good!
Tom and I tackle a number of projects on/around
January 1st, including replacing air filters, changing
lightbulbs, and cleaning all of the light fixtures and
ceiling fans. We both love when we're all finished!

Speaking of the New Year, we had a great time counting down 2018 with friends. Cheers to 2019!
This picture makes it look like the kids were calm
and quiet throughout the evening. They were not.

Happy Friday, friends!

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