Friday, January 18, 2019

High Five for Friday (1.18.19)

Tom and I had a wonderful anniversary. It sounds a bit odd, but we spent the evening singing - and dancing - with our kids, our college choir director, 15 University of Iowa students we'd never met, and a crowd of concert-goers in an Anderson, Texas church. And when we returned home from our adventure, we decided that we could not have come up with a more perfect way to celebrate our 15 years of marriage. More in an upcoming post, I promise...

Hallie received a subscription to Raddish Kids for Christmas, and after her first box arrived last week, she made dinner - Niçoise Salad, Croque Monsieur Sandwiches, and Chocolate-Dipped Cream Puffs - for the four Ferri. The process took FOREVER (three hours, to be exact), but Will, Tom, and I all thought the finished products were delicious. Hallie, on the other hand and in typical Hallie fashion, tried a few bites of everything but ended up eating only the beans and hardboiled eggs out of the salad and the ice cream that topped her cream puff. She felt extraordinarily proud though, and so did I.

A friend of ours plays volleyball on a traveling team, and is often the case for kids who play competitive sports in a city the size of College Station, most of her games take place in bigger cities like Houston, Austin, and Dallas. (This is the case for Will's soccer team as well - our regular season games are always played in Houston.) So when we found out her team would play in a local tournament last weekend, we knew we had to find our way into the stands. Hallie may not have watched a single point (she and her bestie explored the TAMU Rec Center for hours instead), but Will and I watched two full games and loved cheering for "our" team. I'm actually a little worried that Will is going to ask me if he can add volleyball to his list of athletic activities...
"Will. WILL. Stop watching volleyball." 😂 
SO sweet.
As long as it didn't have anything to do
with watching volleyball, they were up for it.

On Saturday night we helped my beautiful friend Mandi commemorate her next birthday at Board and Brush. I love my nutcracker (I'm either a month late or 11 months early for the Christmas season)...almost as much as I loved celebrating Mandi.

We - me, Hallie, and more than 25 of my 4th grade friends - survived Variety Show auditions. It takes guts and grit to get up in front of your fellow classmates and demonstrate a talent, and I always feel so nervous for these kiddos as they take on this challenge. Now to prepare for the actual show!

Happy Friday, friends!

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