Monday, November 5, 2018

Monthly Medley: October 2018

I mentioned last month that I had two new writing gigs in the works, and now both are underway! I also mentioned that most of you will never read anything I write for the first one because it's a small neighborhood publication in Nebraska, and that remains true. But you will be able to read what I edit and write for the second one! While currently an Etsy shop and Instagram page offering wedding inspiration and custom design, Roots and Lace will soon become a carefully and lovingly curated space designed to support women as they plan and prepare for their special day. Join us on this journey by visiting the Roots and Lace Etsy shop and Instagram page and stay tuned for more information on the website launch!

We have returned almost all of our checked out books in preparation for the library's closure, so the time has come for me to read books I already own or borrow from friends. (I should mention that our community does have a second library. But while the branch we visit regularly is three minutes from my house and on a route I drive frequently, and the other branch is 20+ minutes from my house and completely out of the way relative to my daily travels. Realistically, I predict we will visit the open branch maybe three times during our branch's closure.) After months of letting them collect dust on my nightstand, Bread and Wine and Family: The Ties That Bind...and Gag! attracted my attention once again. I hope to finish them in November!

It took us a few weeks to get back into the swing of things, but now that we have our weekly schedule (mostly) ironed out, we have reinstated Documentary Night! We often end up watching a movie or television show that goes over well with half but not all of the four Ferri, but this month we discovered a new Netflix docuseries - Weird Wonders of the World - that everyone truly enjoyed.

With regard to fall cable programming, I have enjoyed the new shows Manifest, New Amsterdam, FBI, and A Million Little Things. I've also watched a few episodes of The Conners and Murphy Brown, but I haven't yet decided if I'll keep these two shows in my rotation.

Listening To
For nearly the entire month of October, I listened to (only) Hallie's 4th grade musical, Forever Learning. While driving in the car, cooking dinner in the kitchen, and (seemingly) dreaming in my bed...all that listening worked though, because when the curtain rose on the kids' shows, I knew 95% of the (many, many) words and could provide the kiddos with the direction and guidance they needed.

During the last week in October I transitioned from Forever Learning back to my favorite podcasts, on which I caught up during my travels last weekend. I also started a new podcast, The Phenomenon, by Luciola Creative, that I think has potential - thus far it has kept me incredibly engaged as I chug along on the treadmill or elliptical...

We interrupt this programming at the request of The White House. This is the Emergency Alert System. All normal programming has been discontinued during this national emergency. Please remain in your homes. If you are not at home, find shelter immediately. Close all blinds and shades. Block out all windows. Do not look outside. Do not look at the sky. Do not make noise. Your cooperation is vital to your survival.

Toward the end of October my mom, my sister, and I did a bit of shopping while on a weekend girls trip. In case you need to spruce up your fall wardrobe like I did, here are a few of my favorites!
  • Athleta Salutation Capri (I have these pants in maroon already, and on this trip I chose a navy pair.)
  • Athleta Speedlight Camo Tank (This tank goes wonderfully with the navy salutation capri.)
  • Athleta Encore Tank (I picked this tank in the color "May Rose", which also goes with the navy salutation capri and is conveniently on sale!)
  • J. Crew Factory Flannel Bell Sleeve Top (I chose the navy and white plaid, but the top comes in three different colors. And it's also on sale!)
  • J. Crew Factory Printed Stretch Cotton Sateen Pencil Skirt (I didn't actually buy this skirt because my day-to-day wardrobe doesn't include pencil skirts, but my sister did and it's GORGEOUS in person. It would be perfect for a Christmas or New Year's party!) 
  • Gap Graphic Pullover Sweatshirt (I chose "Dear Weekend, I love you" in military blue", but the other four options - especially "happy thoughts" in savvy teal - are also cute.)
  • Gap Softspun Short Sleeve Boatneck Top (Both my sister and I loved this top enough to buy it in black stripe and light grey marle.)
  • Gap Kids Camo Canvas Joggers (These are obviously not for me, but for Will and my nephew, Carter. They're both cool and comfortable, and for Will are a nice "happy medium" between restrictive jeans and comfortable athletic pants.) 
  • Lands End Jersey U-Neck T-Shirt (This unbelievably soft shirt comes in a couple of different stripes and solid colors, but I chose the harbor blue stripe.)
  • Hanna Andersson Long John Pajamas (Let's be real - every pair of pajamas from Hanna Andersson is adorable. But this is the pair my sister and I picked for our four kids for Christmas this year.)

I know a few wonderful photographers in our area and beyond, but this year we opted to ask Casey Duke of Casey Photography to take our family photos. I can't share any of our pics yet, but I know she captured beautiful shots of Will and Hallie and at least one photo of our family in which I managed to keep my eyes open. 😂 If you live in BCS and are in need of a lifestyle, natural light photographer, know that she comes highly recommended! (Visit Casey Duke Photography here.)

I only managed two new recipes in October, and only one of those two is worth mentioning here. We all - even Hallie, a little - enjoyed this One-Pot Cajun Pasta, which I made according to the recipe except for using almond milk in place of heavy cream. I hope November allows me a little more time for cooking and baking and trying new dishes!

Feeling Good About

What's new in your world this month?

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