Friday, November 16, 2018

High Five for Friday (11.16.18)

For the first time in a month, all four Ferri spent the weekend at home. After four weeks of traveling - two for Tom followed by two for me - cozying up by the fire to watch movies and watch football and read books (in between a fall family event at school, Nutcracker rehearsal, soccer game, baby sprinkle ice cream social, holiday market, trip to the movie theater, and Awanas, of course) was glorious.
A Night Under the Sea

As much as I love Christmas shopping, I don't have the time, energy, or money to make the trek into downtown Houston for the city's Nutcracker Market. Thankfully, our smallish community has a lovely Jingle Bell Market at which a number of local artisans sell their creations and shoppers like me can pick up gifts for family members and friends. This year a couple of friends and I took our daughters and we had a great time!

Have you seen The Nutcracker: The Four Realms yet? If you haven't, head to your nearest theater forthwith - Hallie and I saw it with friends on Sunday and we both loved it! (Note: for those of you who think of The Nutcracker only as a traditional holiday ballet, you should know going in that the movie is not a ballet in style nor the ballet in story.)
Two angels, a soldier, and a party
boy walk into a movie theater...

Today is the last day of school before our week-long Thanksgiving break. This weekend remains full of activity per usual and Hallie still has dance on Monday, but after that we have quite a few quiet days ahead of us. This is the first time our school district has opted for a week-long break instead of a three-day break, and I think it the extra days off will be good for everyone's mental and physical health!

Happiness Highlights
These boys finished their first "marathon" (26.2
miles tallied during runners club) of the school year!
Lily insisted on wearing a "Texas bow"
for her second grade school picture.
After years of avoiding Hallie 99% of the time, Tux has now
decided that her bed is his favorite place to nap during the day.
We see a lot more of Tux when the temperatures drop.
When he hears the fireplace "whoosh" to life, he tears
through the house and slides into his place on the tile. 
A Tux-heavy Happiness Highlights...I'm just so happy to see more
of him. (But you know when I don't want to see more of him? 3am, when
he sits next to my side of the bed and meows for me to let him out to pee.)

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots! 

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