Friday, November 9, 2018

High Five for Friday (11.9.18)

Two weeks worth of high fives again today while I play catch up after a couple of weekends spent traveling!

One A: I had a wonderful visit with my mom and sister on our annual mother-daughter weekend away. We shopped at three different malls as well as a few stand-alone stores, wined and dined at our favorite restaurants, and crossed a "bullet point" off of our bucket lists. (More to come on that in a future post.) Preparing to leave takes an enormous amount of time, physical energy, and emotional energy, but getting away for a couple of days is always worth it.
We took a grand total of three pictures, but that's
three more than we've taken in the last few years.
One B: Speaking of getting away, thank goodness for a husband who encourages me to do so and friends who help him in my absence. Tom was home with the kids, but he can't be two places at once, nor can he do dance performance hair and make-up. Without extra hands and hearts, I would never be able to go.
Tom may not have mastered performance hair,
but his rehearsal hair has improved tremendously!
One C: Tom travels two or three times a semester and has done so since he became a professor. Call me an enabler, but I pack for him when he leaves, partly because he has trouble folding clothes and partly so I can sneak a little treat or note into a shoe, a pants pocket, or his toiletry bag. On my trip to visit my mom and sister, I opened my suitcase and found (in a sealed bag) three fresh Fuji apples and a small container of caramel apple dip. For the first time Tom snuck a little treat into my bag, and it made me feel so loved.

What an incredible different a year makes! I was shocked to hear how wonderful Will's sixth grade orchestra sounded at their first concert of the year - they had noticeably improved since even the concert at the end of their 5th grade year.
The kids could wear their costumes for the
concert - that's Robin Hood playing the cello.

I love Halloween. We always have friends over for pizza and cupcakes, and then while the dads take the kids trick-or-treating, the moms sit on our front porch, drink wine, and hand out candy. Despite severe thunderstorms, periodic hail, and 60mph wind gusts, everyone had a great time and the kids cleaned up trick-or-treating!
Watch out, Robin Hood - a tiger is on the loose!
Kiddos on their way to trick-or-treat.
Mamas on the front porch.
The aftermath in the living room...
...and the aftermath in the garage. 
Last but not least, Robin Hood and Maid
Marian, who won their school's costume contest!

We survived our third Dance Revolution Convention! This annual weekend spent with my girl and our dance family stirs more emotions than nearly any other activity or experience we participate in; over the course of 60 or so hours I generally feel excited, defeated, joyful, aggravated, proud, exasperated, overwhelmed, and delirious at least once. This year, however, one new emotion joined the list: jubilation.
The hotel went all out this year. In the
lobby they had a candy bar for the kids...
...and champagne for the moms.
Living our best life at Terminal C.
Welcome to Dance Rev 2018!
Rockin' out at the Gold Kick Off Party.
With Broadway dancer (and instructor)
Nathan Madden at the Gold Kick Off Party.
With one of their favorite teachers, Miss Darby.
This event is a convention, not a competition, and on Saturday night all of the dance companies perform at a showcase. During these performances the convention's teachers - professional dancers and instructors - compile corrections to share with the company directors, and then they choose ONE company/dance to recognize as that year's "Rising Star". And this year, out of 53 dances, the Dance Rev teachers unanimously choose Hallie's company as their winner. Hearing the news was surreal, and I can easily place that moment and the moments that followed among the top 10 most jubilant of my life.
On their way to the stage.
With the studio's artistic director (who was also their very first
teacher six years ago), owner, and Mini Company director.
Biggest smiles ever.
Yes, they're barefoot and wearing pajamas in a
hotel ballroom. We ran through the hotel to the
stage as soon as we heard the news. 
We bought the professional video and photos, and I promise to share them once we have been granted access and permission. In the meantime, I continue to watch the bootlegged video over and over again...tearing up every time.
Jordan and Hallie
That's Hallie front and center in her first-ever solo.
One of the many impressive moments during the dance.

Happiness Highlights
Crazy Hair Night at Awanas!
He hasn't enjoyed all of the travel his family
members have been doing lately and has been
holding on wherever he can.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots! 

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