Monday, September 24, 2018

Monday Mash-Up

After the craziness of last week and the expected craziness of this week (we're midway through our Boosterthon fundraiser at Hallie's elementary school), I decided to go with a simpler - for me - but still fun compilation post today. I hope this collection of articles, videos, and pictures provides you with whatever you need today, whether that be an emotional pick-me-up, a mental reset, an authentic laugh, or reassurance that kindness and generosity are still all around us. 

Sign language interpreters "working" concerts = one of my favorite categories of videos. This one does not disappoint!

Remember "The Wave" tradition that takes place at Kinnick Stadium during Iowa Hawkeye home football games? A couple of weeks ago, Pat Green at halftime performed the song "Wave on Wave" with the Hawkeye and Northern Iowa University Panther marching bands. This movement just keeps getting better and better.

Survivor the kitten makes it out alive after being trapped by Hurricane Florence flooding.

These five sailors - members of the United States Navy and Navy Band who, as a fivesome, are known as The Sideboys - would make The Four Seasons proud.

Never stop dancing.

This video of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band marching at halftime during the Clemson game is SO much better than the video I posted a couple of weeks ago.

This teeny, tiny baker's cooking show is precious. (Reminds me of Hallie...)

This musical feat of engineering is mesmerizing.

If this video doesn't make you want your child to be in this teacher's fourth grade class (or be in this teacher's fourth grade class yourself), I don't know what will.

Touching Strangers. "You have to reach out and physically touch people to bridge the gap between us. To let them feel that love is real." (Nelson Mandela paraphrased by Cory Booker)

Does your son or daughter love to play Fortnight? If so, you'll find this video of two moms lip-syncing to a game of Fortnight amazing.

Watch this piano prodigy - who also happens to be just a little girl - write an original sonata (based on four notes chosen for her) in less than a minute. I admit to watching this one quite a few times...

If these resourceful men would stop by my house and build me a swimming pool - using just their hands and the materials they find in my backyard - I would great appreciate it.

And this young man's handmade well?! A true feat of engineering.

This collaboration between the Indigo Girls - performing "Closer to Fine" - and the University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra is everything I hoped it would be and more.

I have long loved clogging. This clogging dance team reminded me why.

I wish I lived closer to this "pay it forward" pizza shop.

Try not to laugh - to the point of tears - your way through this video of two parents trying to teach their son to drive.

The "Good Cemeterian".

I'll end here, with this video that can only be described as pure joy, beauty, and love.

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