Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Budding Photog

Every summer for the last three years, Hallie and a friend have taken a class through the College Station Parks and Recreation Department. I can't remember the name of the class they took two years ago but I remember they enjoyed it, which is why last year they took - and LOVED - Kitchen Chemistry. This past summer they wanted to take Photography in Nature, but as (bad, at the time) luck would have it, Photography in Nature filled up more quickly than we anticipated and the girls opted for their second choice - Creative in Nature - instead. Because we felt badly for missing the boat on their first choice, Hallie's friend's mom and I bought the girls disposable cameras so they could make Creative in Nature feel a little more like Photography in Nature. As (then good) luck would have it, Creative in Nature turned out to be the "BEST CLASS EVER" and the camera an added bonus: they had a blast taking pictures of everything they encountered on their daily nature walks, the art projects they made using natural elements, and their new friends.

Yes, these pictures were taken using a shockingly poor quality disposable film camera and by an embryonic photographer. But what a beautiful gift for me to immerse myself in this tangible representation of how my budding photographer views the world.
A test shot of Tux. Doesn't it look like she took this photo in 1982?!
Avery took a picture of Hallie on Hallie's camera and
Hallie took a picture of Avery on Avery's camera. 
Watching the sun erase the shade on an early morning nature hike.
Wondering where the path leads.
Stopping by for a visit in the birds' neighborhood.
Visiting with friends from Creative in Nature camp.
I took this picture of Hallie using the last few pictures on her camera
before taking the film to be developed. (Speaking of, did you know that
it now takes a week and costs $18 to get a roll of film developed?!)
Her version...
...and my version. I think I like hers better.

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