Friday, September 28, 2018

High Five for Friday (9.28.18)

Last Thursday night Will's intermediate school held its first Spirit Night of the Farmhouse Creamery, the best ice cream shop in our area. What a treat it was, not just to indulge in this delicious ice cream, but to feel like I had no choice but to indulge in this delicious ice cream. Anything for the schools, I always say...

In preparation for this week's television season and series premieres, Tom took one for the team and spent part of his Friday at Suddenlink (*shudder*) trading in our DVR box for an updated version with increased recording and storage capacities. He knows the way to my heart. 😍

On Sunday afternoon Tom and I went on a date to the Sprint store to upgrade Will's phone for his upcoming birthday. We wrapped up at Sprint relatively quickly, so we extended our date with a stop at the new HEB for a slice of freshly made pizza and a beer in their cafe. Best.Date.Ever.

On Tuesday night two friends and I said "to hell with our parental and wifely responsibilities!" and drove to Houston to see IMOMSOHARD's Mom's Night Out: Round 2. We had a wonderful time (and stayed out entirely too late), which was exactly what we needed.

Boosterthon has wrapped! (Or Boosterthon will have wrapped as of 3pm this afternoon.) Our family has participated in and I have helped run this fundraiser six times over, and while I'm ready to move on, I also feel a little sentimental about bidding farewell to the enthusiastic Boosterthon team members we get to know each year and the fun we always have on our run days.
Year 1: this is the only pic I have of Will and me from
our first Boosterthon. (Oh how I miss my dark hair...) 
Year 1: 4yo Hallie cheering for her brother.
Year 2: I remembered to take pics with the kids that year!
Year 2: Kindergarten Hallie was so nervous, I think
because she didn't know/couldn't remember what to
expect or what was expected of her. She ended up
having a great time and running all 35 laps though!
Year 3: Perhaps my favorite Boosterthon pic of all time because
in addition to capturing fun run day spirit, it captures the very
different relationships that exist between these four friends.
Year 4: Boosterthon team members certainly
know how to have fun and motivate kids! 
Year 4: Sweet friends after an enthusiastic run!
Year 4: Will's grade earned a color run his
last year in elementary school - it was a blast!
Year 4: Nothing like color run dust sticking to the sweat
covering every inch of your body... Great friends though!
Year 5: Sweet friends after another year's run!
Year 5: It takes a dedicated team to make this event happen!

Last but not least (and in case you need a laugh today), an embarrassing Boosterthon picture of me:
Children running. Parents watching. Erin (in
light blue shirt) dancing like nobody's watching.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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