Friday, January 19, 2018

This Week Bites

I had planned on a different post - a High Five for Friday post - today, but after the week we've had I threw it out the window.

Last week Tom was sick with a 24-hour bug. Then I came down with an illness that felt like a cold for the first few days, but then turned into something much nastier. Hallie followed in my footsteps a couple of days later, and then Will followed her down a couple of days after that. Everyone feels like complete garbage, and everyone is angry and sad because they've missed important school and extracurricular events: Will, the second day of the orchestra recruitment field trip, Hallie, the UIL Storytelling competition for which she practiced for MONTHS, and me, Variety Show rehearsals. For a family that rarely gets sick, getting hit with all of this crud THIS week has been particularly painful.

I'm particularly worried about Will, who has bad lungs to begin with and for whom recovery always takes longer. His mental health always suffers as well, because so much of what he does for fun and stress relief involves physical activity.

So in a nutshell, this week stunk. I am, however, tremendously grateful for good friends who've given rides, made dinner, dropped off medicine and Gatorade and books and games, and picked up the slack for me with regard to my responsibilities outside of the house while we're trying to recover. THANK YOU!

Here's hoping next week is a better week!

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