Friday, January 12, 2018

High Five for Friday (1.12.18)

1. After being held prisoner for 10 days by Wisconsin's subzero temperatures, the kids have taken full advantage of Texas' less wintry winter weather. Temperatures in the 40s made it feel like springtime outside, and when the mercury climbed into the 60s, Hallie proclaimed it summer once again. Throughout last weekend and this week we have enjoyed running, walking, tree climbing, jump roping, bike riding, skateboarding, playing soccer, Nerf gun fights, and just wandering around downtown, looking for ice cream.
Trying out her new Christmas jump rope.
Hanging out in the tree for the first time in a while.
Visiting their secret garden.
Climbing out of the basin at the skate park.
Trying out a few of the ramps.
Working on his skillz.
Singing and...ball rolling?
Neighborhood Nerf gun battle.
Ok, so this wasn't taken outside, but it's too cute a pic to leave
out. These girls had the best time playing together at Altitude!

2. Also on a weather-related note, while the temperatures during the day are perfect for playing outside, the temperatures at night are perfect for turning on the fireplace. This might be my favorite time of year in Texas...

3. After two years of sock-matching failure, I finally threw away all of these unmatched socks in my laundry basket.

Oh, sweet freedom...

Until I did nine loads of post-vacation laundry and ended up with four new mismatched socks. How/why does this happen?!

4. Tom bought the kids (ahem, himself) a disco ball for the music room. We absolutely, positively don't need a disco ball, but I'm slightly more on board with this accessory than I have been with many of the other items he's brought home.

I just realized that Tom is with with musical instruments and accessories the way many people are with stray animals: he lays eyes on them, falls in love, and can't walk away. Is a disco ball better than a kitten? The verdict's still out...

5. I do quite a bit of volunteer work, but I have one favorite volunteer position: Variety Show Coordinator. My friend/neighbor/PTO President, Rebecca, and I brought the Variety Show back to our kids' elementary school a few years ago, and since then I have come to enjoy the gig so much that I honestly can't imagine walking away...even when I no longer have a child attending the elementary school. Auditions for Variety Show 2018 took place this week, and now we'll spend the next two weeks preparing for the show. I can't wait!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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