Monday, January 22, 2018


For the first time in seven years, I have to take a few days off from the blog. I've taken breaks from writing new content in the past, but during those breaks I've set up flashback posts or linked to favorite stories or videos so you - my ever-faithful Chasing Roots readers - would still find something fun when you visited.

But not this week.

I am happy to report that after a horrible nearly two weeks - five days of feeling ill, one day of going from bad to worse, three days at rock bottom (hello, IV fluids and anti-nausea meds at urgent care), and now three days of S...L...O...W recovery - I have started to feel like a human being once again. But I have an insanely busy week ahead of me, and I know that surviving all the things I HAVE to do needs to take precedence over writing new blog posts. Thank you for understanding, and please come back and see me here next Monday. New content guaranteed!

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