Friday, July 28, 2017

Wisconsin's Finest "Vegetables"

While vacationing at the Lincoln Lodge near Minocqua, Wisconsin, my SILs and I went into town for lunch. We chose an Irish Pub - an establishment that had come through for us a few summers back when we needed a place to watch World Cup soccer games. Pleased with both how quickly we found a table and the drink prices, we decided to stick around for lunch and started perusing the menu.

One of my SILs follows a vegan diet, so she was excited to find that the pub offered two vegetarian/vegan entrees and a lengthy list of vegetables that could be piled onto any one of a number of breads to create a hearty veggie sandwich. Impressed, we all three began reading through the veggie list: romaine lettuce, onions, tomato, mushrooms, cucumber, green peppers, green olives, hot peppers, banana peppers, and pickles...and BACON.

Only in Northern Wisconsin (at least out of places I've lived and visited) is bacon considered a vegetable. I'm not complaining.

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