Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesdays With Tux (4.21.15)

The words are a little hard to come by for me today, so instead of a story about Tux I decided to post a few photos our little buddy. All of the pics included in this post fall under the theme of "Tux in Stuff".
Bathtub (he licks the water out of the jets)
Shoe storage (he likes to lie on Will's cleats)
Will's umbrella (Hallie dragged him around
in his "boat" for an entire afternoon last week)
A box (cats are like kids - skip the toys and give 'em the box)
The Yahtzee game box top (which he broke)
The shower (eew - I'm sure you can see why this
shower is about to be demolished and replaced)
And my favorite…
"What?! You said I couldn't sit on the kitchen counters.
You never said anything about the kitchen sink."

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