Friday, June 6, 2014

High Five for Friday (6.6.14)

1. As much as I enjoyed the season, a small part of me feels relieved that spring baseball has come to an end. We need a month or two with fewer evening events on the calendar; a month or two with fewer responsibilities and commitments and competitions. (I'll admit to being the one who needs a break from competition…) And I know that taking this break will make it all the more fun and exciting when we return to the fields/diamonds - Will still hasn't decided which team sport to go with - this fall.

2. I actually remembered to pull Will and Hallie's Class of 2025 and Class of 2027 shirts (which I made last year - thank you, Pinterest) out of the top of my closet, put the shirts on the children, and take pictures of the children in their shirts. Mama Ferris for the win!

(Here are Will's last day of school pics, in his Class of 2025 shirt, from 2013 - I can't believe how much younger he looks!)

3. Our Last Day of School/Happy Summer surprise went perfectly! The kids loved their goodie-filled buckets and the funfetti cookie cake, and Mandi and I adored seeing the looks of surprise and then jubilation on their faces. Let's just hope the season lives up to its celebratory kick-off!

4. Tom came home last night! He'd been gone for almost a week at conferences and meetings in Montreal and Atlanta, and while the kids and I can always establish a pleasant rhythm while he's away (Tom's had the kind of job that requires 60+ hours a week, frequent late nights, and a fair amount of travel since before Will was born so we're all kind of used to it by now), we miss him while he's away and we always count down the days until he returns.

5. Happiness Highlights:
My boy came in fourth (out 40 first grade boys) in his elementary school's
Field Day cross country run. He was devastated. I was ecstatic, both because
he ran so well and because I could tell that his love for running has dramatically
improved his lung function. On that hot, humid morning he sounded wheezy when he finished, but his breathing quickly returned to normal on its own!
While we're on the subject of athletics, check out my
boy's awesome football skills. Catch...
(Thanks for the pics, Brittany!
Headed out the door on the way to Will's last day
of first grade. A sweet moment between siblings.
The boy just keeps losing teeth, and that second front-and-center
tooth will fall out any day now. I love his crooked grin, but feeding him
and understanding him when he speaks have become quite challenging.
For the last week, Hallie has slept with our wedding photos. She
wants the albums RIGHT THERE and won't let me put them away. 
Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. We have wedding pictures here for when she visits in July. :)