Friday, May 24, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up (5.24.13)

Amidst the heartbreaking and paralyzing news coverage of the horrific destruction and loss in Oklahoma, stories of bravery and triumph and hope emerge. This is one of those stories. Get tissues.

A Beautiful Life
This video is long, at least by internet video standards (22 minutes), but is absolutely worth your time if you need a reminder about what it means - and how - to live your life to the fullest and like every day is your last. Hold on to the tissues you used when you watched the previous video.

Just Another Day in the Life of a Lizard Wrangler
You're probably tired of entire posts about me and Will catching lizards, so this time around I'll just give you a brief synopsis and show you the photo.

Will went out to get the mail and accidentally let a lizard inside. "You let the lizard in, you put the lizard out" is our newest household rule, so Will was tasked with catching and releasing the little buddy. I did lend a hand by building a soda-and-beer-cade to keep the lizard trapped by the front door, however. 

In the end, Will had a panic attack (gee, I wonder where he inherited those from?) and I had to step up to the plate. And by stepping up to the plate, I mean grabbing a fly swatter and literally swatting at the lizard until he "saw the light" and ran back outside. We haven't gone out the front door to get the mail since...

Just Because
Yes, this photo is ridiculous. But it makes me laugh every single time I see it posted on Pinterest or Facebook. I hope it at least makes you smile today.

MomsEveryday: What Will Your Tombstone Say?
If you missed it the first time around, you can read "What Will Your Tombstone Say?" this week on MomsEveryday.

Red Cross: Back in the Saddle Again
This week my story about how I became a blood donor - and how I found my way to the blood donation chair after a 2+ year hiatus - was posted on the National American Red Cross blog.

Red Cross: How to Help
Just a reminder that there are ways you can help the American Red Cross help those affected by the bombing in Boston, the explosion in West, Texas, and the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.
A Red Cross volunteer assesses the damage in Moore, Oklahoma.

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