Monday, October 24, 2011

2nd House Update, Part 1

Quite a few people asked me to post pics of our new house now that we're actually living in it and have settled in somewhat. So, while there's still quite a bit we'd like to do down the road, here's (half of) our Texas abode!

Will's Room

The cityscape painting on Will's wall is one of my top three favorite features in this house.  The picture in center of the photo is of a little boy in a cape above the words "Someday I'll be a super hero".  

The picture on the right side of the photo says "Kapow!" and is one of Will's favorite features.

Guest Room

I absolutely love the furniture, the duvet cover and shams, and the picture above the bed in this room.  There's a bit more "decorating" to be done in here (the size of that lamp is really bugging me, 
and the walls need either a different color or a little more artwork), 
but at least we now have a place for our guests to sleep!

Hallie's Room

I love her tree, but we'll (and by "we'll" I mean Aunt Sara) be adding a second tree to the 
right of the first and a few grasses along the baseboard to the left.

Her room will so much nicer once that damn Diaper Genie is gone...

I love the window seat.

A close up of what I call "three faces of Hallie".  Melt.

Guest/Kids Bathroom

Eventually this room will get a new mirror and light fixtures - the lights are hidden in a huge enclosure (which you can see in the upper right-hand corner of the photo) that I can't stand.


We replaced the teal carpet and maroon window treatments (really, past owners?  Teal carpet and maroon window treatments together?) in this room, which made a world of difference.  I may paint the walls in this room, but can't figure out what color would be best.  Suggestions?  

A shout-out to my mom, who made the valances and a curtain for the playroom door.

The view as you walk into the playroom.

The wall hangings are pics of the kids and art they've created.

We have plans to replace the flooring in our living room, office, and hallway before Christmas and I'm hoping to paint the laundry room and half bathroom in November, so once those projects are done I'll post "2nd House Update: Part 2".



  1. Wow Erin, you have done an fantastic and adorable job. Love it! You can come decorate my kids' space when I have kids :)

  2. Love the spaces! It looks beautiful - can't wait to visit and see :)