Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eggtastic, Just Eggtastic

Monday was the first day of school for students in the College Station Independent School District. This means that Sunday was the last night of summer vacation for students in the College Station Independent School District. I point out these facts only because I hope they provide an explanation as to why Tom's car was egged on Sunday night.

I'm not sure this is the case though, as only Tom's car was egged. No other cars on our street were hit, and the eggers were careful only to hit Tom's car and not our house or garage door. I could understand such an apparently targeted attack if we lived say, in Madison, Wisconsin - the "land of the perpetually offended" (more on that in another post) - and drove a gas-guzzling SUV. But Tom's car is a completely inoffensive, unobtrusive Saturn Ion with good fuel economy and low emissions.

I could also perhaps understand the attack (at least us as the target, not so much the focus on the car) if we'd been bad neighbors, but we haven't been - we take care of our house and lawn, water responsibly, are quiet in the early morning and late evening hours, and drive slowly on neighborhood streets.

As my son would say, it's a mystery.

The kicker is that, because it's so damn hot here, when we discovered the egging at 7:35am (7:35am!!) it was already so hot outside that the eggs had dried on the car and FRIED on the driveway. That's right, folks, the eggs fried on our driveway.

I attempted to wash the mess away with the hose, but because of the kind of cement our driveway is made out of (the kind with lots of little stones in it), the eggs dried in between all of the stones. It looks and smells disgusting out there.

Thanks for the welcome, Texas.

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