Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Piston Cup, Or Not

A few weeks ago my son, Will, and I attended a local mother/son event called the Speedway Spectacular. I purchased tickets for the event planning on a fun “date night” with my son, but also because a night at the racetrack sounded like a Texas experience I should have.

The Speedway Spectacular was held at the Texas World Speedway, which I envisioned looking exactly like the Piston Cup racetrack in the movie Cars – gleaming racecars speeding across smooth cement, photography flashes exploding from packed stands, obnoxiously bright neon signs announcing race winners.


“Gleaming racecars speeding across smooth cement.”

“Photography flashes exploding from packed stands.”

“Obnoxiously bright neon signs announcing race winners.”

The Texas World Speedway belonged in Radiator Springs (the Radiator Springs at the beginning of the movie, not the Radiator Springs after Lightening McQueen revitalization) not in California as the location for the Piston Cup.

I did, however, spot one of the Lightening McQueen’s competitors,

One of his good friends, Mater,

And a place to pick up Fresh, Hot Photos. (??)

Throw in a pretty cute date, and I suppose you could say the Texas World Speedway had everything a girl could want for her first night at the racetrack.

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